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16-07-2010, 06:51
I'm working on a 2500pt list and I could really use some advice. I also need a Lord Level General as my Heroes selection is full. Should I go with a Chaos Lord or a Sorcerer Lord? I have exactly 505pts to spend for the General but I dont have to spend them all. Enough left over to buy a banner or two would be nice.

This is a Nurgle army so everything has MoN. I'm using models I currently own/have assembled so no Hellcannons or Chosen or anything fancy...

Here is what I have so far. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Exalted Hero 230pts
-Shrieking Blade
-Armor of Fortune
-Ironcurse Icon
-Stream of Corruption

Exalted Hero 205pts
-Book of Secrets: Lore of Death
-Blood Curdling Roar

Chaos Sorcerer 185pts
-Level 2 Lore of Nurgle
-Infernal Puppet
-Necrotic Phylactery

Heroes 620pts 24.8%

Chaos Marauders x30 (6x5) 230pts
-Full Command
-Light Armor
-Great Weapons

Chaos Warriors x16 (Exalted and Sorcerer; 6x3) 316pts
-Full Command

Chaos Warriors x17 (BSB; 6x3) 349pts
-Full Command

Core 895pts 35.8%

Chaos Knights x10 (5x2) 480pts
-Full Command

Special 480pts 19.2%

16-07-2010, 07:01
sorcerer lord w/ lvl 4, skull of katam,
humunculus, shadow(or MoN)-340(360)

Thats the lord I normally take. nice, not too hard on points, and to the point. of course what lore you want to use is up to you, but I like shadow for him for pit of shades and the stat modifiers, and the attribute is nice for if he gets stuck in, cast a spell, then all of a sudden have ur exalted hero up there stuck in and massacre the enemy. Of course you could use MoN on him if you want, with lvl 4 and 2, you will have every spell you want though.

may i recommend putting the bsb with the other exalted? the one that has it loooks like he whants to run up and kill stuff while the one that doesnt looks like he wants to sit back with the army and do less threatning stuff. Killing the exalted with it atm is killing 2 birds with one stone, You kill the main melee killer hero, and also knock off the bsb.

or if you want a excuse to use the Nurgle Daemon Prince Model
Prince w/lvl 3,MoN, destendable Maw, acid Icor-505

Hey, there is always that fun moment when your opponent realises that his Pimped out Super Lord with all the best gear that race has is currently inside your daemon princes rather big gut :evilgrin:

16-07-2010, 07:46
I agree with tacoo, a sorcerer without a mark and lore of shadow is the way to go. Pit of shades and Okrams mind razor would be nice combined with all the direct damage that the nurgle lore does