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17-07-2010, 01:49
Look Out, Sir.

I'm in a discussion with a friend from the LGS and we're at an impasse.

I'm pretty sure that base size has nothing to do with base size. As long as the troop type is the same you get your 2+ Lo,S. He's absolutely sure that he read something that said different base size means no Lo,S.

I can't prove a rule does not exist and he can't find it again. So, help us out. Is there a rule we've misplaced or can a Slann or Warlord on Litter still take Lo,S since they are both classed as Infantry in the Bestiary?

17-07-2010, 01:55
Troop type only, not base size.

Base size was one of the rumors before 8th was released, which could be what your friend is thinking of.

Necromancy Black
17-07-2010, 02:05
As above, LOS works entirely on unit type. Also, I don't think anything at all works on basesize. Ogres are not monstrous infantry because of the base size, they're monstrous infantry because that's there troop type.