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17-07-2010, 02:44
I'm going for a combination of fluff and competitiveness in this force so I'm open to a wide array of suggestions.

The Forces of Averland

Lords- (23.3 %)
Marius Lietldorf (General of the Empire) - Full Plate Armor, Shield, Barded Warhorse, and Runefang

Wizard Lord - Level 4, Lore of Shadows, Grey Wand, and Seed of Rebirth

Heroes- (30.8%)
War Priest - Heavy Armor, Shield, and Barded Warhorse

Captain of the Empire - Battle Standard, Armor of Meteoric Iron, and Sword of Might

Batte Wizard - Level 2, Rod of Power, and Ironcurse Icon

Core- (30.8% + 12.0% Detachments)
Knightly Orders x10 - Full Command, Standard of Arcane Warding, and Great Weapons (Priest + General Here)

Swordsmen x25 - Full Command (BSB and Wizard Lord Here)
Handgunners x10 Det.
Handgunners x10 Det.

Spearmen x25 - Shields and Full Command (Wizard Here)
Handgunners x10 Det.

Special- (13.8%)
Great Cannon

Great Cannon


I'm looking for an Anvil and Hammer tactic here combined with mixed arms. I know that the Runefang isn't that good (at all) but I want to utilize Marius' miniature so if you suggest getting rid of him please suggest a miniature appropriate replacement. In addition, I have 59 points to spend on banners and other magic items for the characters. I just don't have my main book on me at the moment to look some up.

I also don't know what Lores I intend for my Wizards to utilize. Any advice in that department is recommended. I'm toying around with Metal and Life.

Lord Solar Plexus
17-07-2010, 05:47
You have one WP and two wizards, so in order to power all those spells and occasionally utilize the DD offensively, the Rod is a better investment than the Wand. I also suggest some kind of protection for your WL, from van Horstmanns to the Talisman of Endurance.

With the unspent points, I would buy some more State Troops. Units of 25 are quite small these days. Some people field detachments of 20...

I've always wanted to try out the Runefang. It is expensive and leaves no room for a ward but a 1+ Sv is good - with some good placement to reduce return attacks, it could work.

22-07-2010, 22:00
I've added the remaining points in magic items to increase the characters effectiveness.


22-07-2010, 22:19
How many points is the lord. Because I would be tempted to plump for kurt gelborg to represent the marius model (which is awsome) but it won't leave you enough for a wizard lord.


22-07-2010, 22:55
Yeah, at any points above 2000 I'd take Helborg but there just isn't enough points at 2000 to pull it off without dropping the Wizard Lord (something I'm loath to do.)