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18-07-2010, 04:16
Druchii Army of Ghrond 2500 pts

The Army is based on a very strong Strong Center with The Lord, BsB,
and a Assassin in a Horde Warrior unit and 2 chariots in support.
The flanks are each protected by a big repeating crossbowman unit
The shades and dark riders are there for maximum disruption and hit and run tactic. The Supreme Sorceror are to play behind the warrior unit and use focus familiar to gain good range and LOS and have the black dragon egg breath as a nasty surprise. The Cauldron of Blood are to first wardsave the warrior unit and when in combat either use Killing blow or extra attacks for the warrior unit. Basic deployment at bottom.

Thankfull for any suggestions for improvment and errors noticed
and gladly appreciate any input and opinion of the army in whole.
This is my first new rule army.

1 Dreadlord
Armour of Darkness
Dragonbane Gem
Crimson Death
Talisman of Preservation

1 Supreme Sorceress Lv4
Pendant of Khaeleth
Focus Familiar
Black Dragons Egg
Dark Steed

1 Master BsB
Obsidian Lodestone
Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak
Enchanted Shield

1 Death Hag (With Cauldron of Blood)
Rune of Khaine
2 Crew Cauldron of Blood

6 Dark Riders + Repeater Crossbow

6 Dark Riders + Repeater Crossbow

40 Warriors Spear + Shield
FC + Banner of Murder
1 Assassin
Rune of Khaine

20 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen + Shield

20 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen + Shield

5 Shades Rep Crossbow

1 Cold One Chariot Spear/2 Rep Crossbow

1 Cold One Chariot Spear/2 Rep Crossbow

Modells: 106 Wounds: 119


Darkriders Shades Darkriders

DERCB Chariot Warriors L+BsB+A Chariot DARCB

18-07-2010, 04:26
Dude what kind of hag graef is this?! you must have beasts, a great many beasts =P. an spear elves modeled as slaves, I use zombies for mine =). and assassins don't cut in hell one is almost the same amount of points as a hydra.

18-07-2010, 04:50
he he true true
the name is a left over from the 7th edition ,
I shall look for a other name.

"Edited" Decided to go for Ghrond instead it suits much better now with the army selection.

As for the assassin versus Hydra I agree the Hydra is better in most aspect
but with Cauldron of Blood the assassin get some uses the Hydra dont have, using killing blow and Manbane with hatred I can use the assassin to challange most badass guys and have a good chance of bringing them down, if nothing else the assasin should be able to kill of some puny soldiers and maybe prevent some return attacks since each less attack is crucial for DE since they so fragile.
Also he is very good against High Elves my main antagonist.

The Hydra now only has 1 breath per battle and with so many fire spells
and fire attacks many times its regeneration will be of no use but worse is that a 6 always wounds now regardless of Strength and Toughness so I find it a little to easy to kill the Hydra.

Still it is a very good pointvalue for the Hydra and normally 1 vs 1 the Hydra is better than the assassin I agree. Main reason for me to choose Assassin over Hydra due is because three of my ooponents are playing Highelves so I fight them often.

Thanks a lot for the input and suggestion, much appreciated!

18-07-2010, 08:50
I agree with you on the hydra personally i bring one and have him watch my back field. I like the assassin as well but he WILL die in the front ranks, the best place to keep him is either a) in a challenge or b) in a flanking unit where he can slaughter the front line and stay safe (I believe that the flanks don't get the step up rule, can you double check that).

BTW if what would your comment be on this kind of sorceress

Supreme sorceress lvl 4
Dark Pegasus
Potion of healing
Pendant of Khaeleth
dispel scroll
Points: 405

I think it is really defensive and you can afford it if you dropped 2 DR changed the talisman of preservation for the talisman of endurance (to fulfill the percentages) then picked up another shade.

18-07-2010, 15:01
Yes you are right in that flanks or rear doesnt get supporting attacks.

As for your combo of items it is better defensivly I fully agree.

But I would not take the dark pegasus.
They cost more and give little now compared to before.
It is very easy to get stranded on foot with sorceress on them.
If shoot at the dark pegasus gets hit on a 1-4 with no saves while sorceress on 5-6.
Fly now only has 10 move also so contra dark steeds 9 and with lone mover able to pivot I prefer the dark steeds.
Dark pegasus is better in fight but then I am not planning on fight.

Your choice of items tho is good dispel scroll and potion on healing.
Those against my items focus and dragon egg is more about style if to play defensivly or offensiv I think.
It is hard to tell without playing the system so much what is better.
Dark elfs have a spell Soul stealer also that if gotten would work as a healing spell for sorceress also and with focus the range is 18" in that case the potion of healing is not as valuable.

Thank you for your input much appreciated

18-07-2010, 17:16
Yes I see your point my sorceress uses death magic though. also I haven't had enough time with the book (waiting for island of blood) does the combined profile hold true? in that sense they should be one model and share the save. that is why i put her on the steed to begin with though a lvl 2 will get a big benefit form the DP as it would give them an extra wound.

18-07-2010, 18:38
Yes I havent really decided on spell lore yet.
It might be that the new lores are so much better to use untill the upgrade of each army lists own spell lore. I shall look them over when I have more time.

The combined profile hold true for steeds only so on a horse they are like 1 model and have same save.
On a DP however they are two modells and doesnt share saves unless it specifically say so.

For a lv 2 sorceress with no save the DP is a good choice tho since that mean they only become hit on a 5+ after modell been hit and the DP has T4 and 3W. It might backfire tho if a unlycky miscasts happends.

Appreciate the input and any thoughts or ideas is gladly taken