View Full Version : Thunderwolf training for dummies?

18-07-2010, 04:54
Do the space Wolves train the wolves that they bring? I mean how do you potty train a huge-@$$ wolf that can use you as a chew toy, and what about that one problem most domestic canines are famous for, showing their "affection" for you. Dear lord that would be hell. Now you might be thinking this person is screwed up, you're probably right, but that is question that I would like to hear someone try to answer.

18-07-2010, 05:06
how does any big cat trainer train the animals they have, how have indians trained elephants for bush clearing/forestry work. people train bears, wolves, lions, tigers. all of which are quite capable of tearing us apart. i dont know if this is any different. im sure a few space wolves have turned their backs at the wrong time and have received a paw/claw/tooth.
when a space wolf goes on the lone hunt, supposedly they best these big wolves in close combat. and the wolf bows to the greater predator. i don't really think they train them in any respects.
anyway as these are alien wolves, we dont really know how smart they are. and have know way to measure their cognitive ability.

18-07-2010, 08:55
It's amazing what a Thunder hammer to the noggin and a power fist to the rear will do for Thunderwolf intelligence... "WHACK! Who's a good boy! It's just like he understands every thing I say to him!"

Jokes aside, extraordinary intelligence is mentioned as a trait of Fenris wolves, and all the marine likely needs to do is convince the wolf that the marine is the alpha.

P.S. don't forget that a whack on the rear with a book is traditional. Now take a look at the size and armor on the tomes people carry around40k...

18-07-2010, 21:46
id say the marine makes the wolf submit to him.or maybe the wolf know just by looking the marine in the eye who the alpha is

18-07-2010, 22:24
Best thing would be to find a pack, kill the adults and then raise the pups themselves. It's a common domestication trick - many horse trainers rely on the idea that the now-adult horse believes that the human could still lift it off the ground like they did when it was a foal, if he or she wanted to. Space Wolves adorn themselves with pelts of Fenrisian wolves they've killed with their bare hands - and by the size of the wolf skulls, they're obviously the smallest and youngest of the lot. I mean it's not like your average SW stands a chance of killing a rhino-sized wolf, let alone dragging its carcass back home and turning it into a massive sofa.