View Full Version : Dwarf 2500pts Balanced

18-07-2010, 09:27
This is my first try at an army for 8e. Would welcome any suggestions to improve the list.

Dwarf Lord-GW,Shield Bearers,MR of Kragg the grim,MR of spite, RO Fury,RO Fury,RO Stone,

Thane-Shield, MR of swiftness,RO Fury, RO Cleaving, RO Stone, Oath Stone

Thane- Army Standard, MR of Valaya, Strollaza Rune, RO Slowness

Runesmith- MR Spellbinding, RO Stone

Dwarf Warriors-25, FC, Shields (Thane go heres)

Longbeards Warriors-25,FC, Shields (Lord & A Std B go here)

Thunderers-10 (Runesmith go heres)


Hammerers-18, FC,

Hammerers-18, FC

Bolt thrower

Bolt Thrower

Grudge Thrower- Rune of reloading

Grudge Thrower- Rune of Burning