View Full Version : 2250p Empire, getting back to my roots

18-07-2010, 11:22
First Empire list in 8th. I made a restart with them in 7th, but didnt get long before i went with other stuff. So perhaps time to finish what I restarted back then. What I have is everything except for GS, Huntsmen and Halberdiers.

General of the Empire. Laurels of Victory, sword of power, Full plate armour, shield 190p

Wizard Lord, lvl 4, Holy Relic, Luck stone 280p

Warrior preist, heavy armour, sword of anti heroes, shield 126p

Captain, Full plate armour, BSB, Griffon banner 118p


24 Spears, FC, shields, standard of Dicipline, 10 Militia Detachment 179+50p

25 Halberds, FC, 10 Militia Detachment 145+50p

10 Handgunners 80p

10 Crossbows 80p

10 Huntsmen 100p

25 Halberds, FC, 10 Militia Detachment 145+50p

5 Knights, FC 155p


5 Pistoliers, musician, outrider 104p

5 Outriders, musician 113p

1 Mortar 75p

1 Cannon 100p


Hellblaster 110p

Another idea is to change the second Hlaberd regiment and the Pistoliers unit for 20 Greatswords, FC. That leaves me with 19p left for something, dont know what yet.
What would work best? Of should I keep the Pistoliers and ditch something else?
For thoose who has played with Empire in 8th, does GS do well enough? I am a long time Empire players, but other armies have kept me away from Empire for some time, rarely played them in 7th ed and never with GS.

I also wonder what Lore fits best for Empire!? I have gone through the lores and I find alot of them are usefull, but with only one option, what would work best with this army? Fire, Life, Heavens and Beast is what I am leaning towards most. Heaven seems to be one of the best when it comes to do a little of everything. But I am unsure.