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18-07-2010, 13:45
High Elves(My Army)

Mage(Level 2, Seerstaff of Saphery) - Lore of Life

25 Spearmen(Standard Bearer with Standard of Discipline)

5 Dragon Princes of Caledor(Drakemaster with Potion of Strength, Standard Bearer with Banner of Eternal Flame)
5 Ellyrian Reavers
5 Shadow Warriors

Repeater Bolt Thrower
Repeater Bolt Thrower


Wood Elves

Level 4 Wizard - Lore of Life
Noble(Helm of the Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrow, Spear, Light Armour, Shield, Great Eagle)

13(or 14) Glade Guard
12 Glade Guard(I can't recall exact number)
12 Glade Guard

10 Dryads

Ten terrains were chosen: 3 hills, 3 fences, 4 forests.
My Mage picked #2: Flesh to Stone, and #5: Regrowth
The wood elf wizard rolled and earned Earthblood, #1: Awakening of Wood, #3: Throne of Vines, and #6: Dwellers Below
Below is the rough description of terrain and troops deployment

#GG=Glade Guard

---------------------------------------------------------[shadow warriors]

----------------------------------------------------------[10 dryads]

[10 GG]---[WE noble on eagle]----[13,14 gg, wizard]--[10 gg]

------[forest 1]------------[hill1]----------------[forest 2]------[forest 3]

[hill2]-------------[forest 4]----[25 spear, wizard]---[hill3]-[reavers]
---------------------------------------------------------[dragon princes]

#2 RBTs were on hill3

Below is the brief description of battle. Please pardon my poor memory. However, I'm sure I didn't miss important parts.

Turn 1~2: Disastrous moment for the Asur! Glade Guards shot down two rbts before they could even wound a single glade guard!(A single unit of glade guards pumped out 3~4 sixes when rolling to wound!) Shadow warriors who marched were blocked, charged, and massacred by angry dryads. Reavers were shot down by glade guards behind forest 2, although the reavers do get past the forest 2 before they were wiped out. Dragon Princes charge the same unit of glade guards, but lose 1 wound due to dangerous terrain test. The mage succeeded in reviving 1 dragon prince, and while the wood elf wizard manages to cast 2 awakening of wood with S6(he succeeded in casting throne of vines), the sapherian mage revived 3~4 spearmen, unit size being 20. Glade Guards unleashed deadly volley, but thanks to the successful casting of Flesh to Stone, the Asur phalanx stood firm without any casualties.

Turn 3~4: It was at this darkest moment that the saviours hailed to the battle field. The noble cavaliers of Caledor wiped out the glade guard unit they charged, and overran, charging the glade guard block with the wizard. In a single turn of close combat, the proud sons of Caledor completely wiped out the entire unit. Meanwhile, the wood elf noble on eagle charged the spearmen block, who lost another 3~4 elves and passed their panic test twice. Noble and the eagle kills 3~4 elves, but the spearmen passed the break test using their LD9, and the mage revived another 3~4 spearmen. The noble lost 1 wound. The dragon princes now reformed, facing the last glade guard unit who were now in front of forest 1, facing the spearmen.

Turn 5~6: The asrai noble finally fell, but not before his eagle trampled the elf mage with its giant claws. With spearmen waving their long spears in mirth of victory, the dragon princes launched their last charge against the last unit of asrai archers. The asrai desperately loosed their arrows, but the arrows were of no avail against the dragon armour of the princes. With almost frightening jeer of arrogance, the Caledorian princes fell upon the asrai, each rider's unerring lance impaling two wood elves. With the last band of archers gone, only a group of dryads, arrogant dragon princes, and solemnly steadfast spearmen were left on the field.

High Elves: 880
Wood Elves: 530

Victory for the Asur warhost.

The early loss of two RBTs was just ludicrously awful. The dice god must have blessed the asrai greatly, although not for long. While the shadow warriors perished without causing any casualties, they drew the attention of the dryads, which was thankful event for me since they couldn't direct the attack against the dragon princes. Magic worked fine, and the performance was beyond my expectation. With timely casting of flesh to stone and regrowth, the spearmen were able to withstand the asrai arrow storm until the dragon princes fell upon the glade guard. And of course, the dragon princes were the true heroes of the day, for they alone wiped out three units including the general. Glad to taste victory in my first campaign.

21-07-2010, 22:30
That game was a tie. You need twice as many victory points as your opponent to get the win.

I thought the wood elves had it in the bag after they knocked out both RBTs right away, but things just didn't go their way...

Ka Faraq Gatri
21-07-2010, 22:41
That game was a tie. You need twice as many victory points as your opponent to get the win.

No you don't. There was an errata insert included in the rulebook changing that paragraph to read:

"In order to win you must either wipe the opposing army out completely, or score at least 100 victory points more than your opponent - if you score twice as many vps as your opponent, then you have achieved a crushing victory!"

Elithis Lives
22-07-2010, 15:27
Most of my battles have been high elves dishing out a beating to their tree-hugging kin, although those battles were 5th edition! The archers never had such a large impact then, are they that much better now?

Much as in this report as then, the Dragon Princes more often than not swept all before them (might have had something to do with the tooled up prince and BSB with them mind). I seem to remember treemen and wardancers were something of a problem.

I can't wait to get my hands on the 8th edition rules and start gaming again. It's only been 10 years since my last battle!

23-07-2010, 18:20
That game was a tie. You need twice as many victory points as your opponent to get the win.

I thought the wood elves had it in the bag after they knocked out both RBTs right away, but things just didn't go their way...

Yeah Ive noticed loads of people saying this, your rulebook should have come with a little piece of print with a rules change on it.

29-07-2010, 16:12
i find archery not increased much.
Only benifit woodelves have from firing with a extra rank is that it gives you less trouble setting up your army.
Since you dont have to put all your Glade Guards in 1 line.

27-09-2010, 18:35
he only rolled 3 spells with a level 4 :O I am surprised he got kinda dominated in the magic phase