View Full Version : Empire 2250 points. Middenheim Themed.

18-07-2010, 14:08
Have had this army sat away in boxes for a while. Now that 8th ed is here it is time they came out for a proper game. So here is my list.

1 Ar Ulric (Arch Lector), great weapon, van horstmans speculum, silver steel armour = 206 pts.

1 Battle Wizard, lore of heavens, level 2, seal of destruction = 145 pts.

1 Captain, battle standard bearer, armour of meteoric iron, biting blade = 105 pts.

1 Captain, full plate armour, warhorse, barding, great weapon = 76 pts.

30 Spearmen, shields, full command = 200 pts.
- (detachment) 15 Free company = 75 pts.
- (detachment) 5 Archers = 40 pts.

30 Halberdiers, full command = 170 pts.
- (detachment) 15 Swordsmen = 90 pts.
- (detachment) 5 Archers = 40 pts.

10 Handgunners = 80 pts.

10 Handgunners = 80 pts.

10 Crossbowmen, musician, standard = 95 pts.

11 Knights of the White Wolf, full command, banner of the eternal flame = 303 pts.

20 Teutogen Guard (Greatswords), full command = 230 pts.
- (detachment) 5 Archers = 40 pts.

1 Cannon = 100 pts.

1 Cannon = 100 pts.

1 Mortar = 75 pts.

Total = 2250 points.

18-07-2010, 19:49
I would consider dropping the detatchment on the teutogen guard and making the handgunners (both units) detatchments for them for the counter-fire rule when they are charged.

And i would drop the vanhorstmans speculum on the Al Ulric, swap it for a cool weapon or something i would sugegst the mace of helstrum, but you don't have enough points. if you could drop something, that would be cool.


19-07-2010, 06:58
Drop the archer detachments and put the handgunners in as detachments instead. They won't panic the rest of your army and you don't have any upgrades on them anyways. Remember that each block of state troops needs a character with a decent leadership standing amongst the rabble to give them some backbone. I would put a mounted warrior priest in with the knights. Trust me its awesome. Make the charge count. Plus the extra dispel dice, hatred, cheap 2+ armor (until in combat then 3+), cheap great weapon all add to the awesomeness. Warrior Priests ftw!