View Full Version : (More) Skarsnik Questions

18-07-2010, 14:46
This whole Monstrous Beast classification thing for Skarsnik is fun, isn't it?

1: Skarsnik has what looks to be a cavalry profile, but is classified as a Monstrous Beast, not Monstrous Cavalry. Therefore, I assume he does not get a bonus to his armor save, correct?

2: When Skarsnik makes a stomp attack, which profile does he use--Skarnsik or Gobbla? If the latter, does the stomp has killing Blow?

3: When ranked up 5-wide in a unit with full command, Skarsnik is forced into the second rank. How many supporting attacks may he make--one or three? And which profile does he use to make the supporting attacks?

Random aside: when a unit of Monstrous Cavalry makes a stomp attack, is it at the rider's or mount's strength?

18-07-2010, 14:57
Skarsnik should be classified as a "Unique" along with stuff like Shieldbearer's and the like.