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28-02-2006, 18:58
The situation regards a Dark Elf Sorceress on a Cold One when the mount goes stupid.

"a Wizard subject to being stupid cannot cast spells if he fails the test."
- Pg. 83 (STUPIDITY, para. 4) of the rulebook

"the rider is obliged to hang on while the creature behaves in whatever bizarre manner the rules dictate, but the rider can fight normally if he gets the opportunity."
- Pg. 83 (STUPIDITY AND RIDERS, para. 1) of the rulebook

"if a monster goes stupid and is unable to fight, this does not affect the rider who continues to fight on as normal."
- Pg. 101 (MOUNTS AND PSYCHOLOGY, para. 2) of the rulebooks

From these sources, I would guess that a sorceress would be able to cast as she is not the being who is stupid, it is her mount.

I assume that a caster is allowed to cast a spell when riding a Cold One, but I cannot find a place that explicitly takes away that right when the mount goes stupid.

What's the call on this?

28-02-2006, 19:48
Unless your sorceress goes stupid, she can cast spells, reagardless of the mount's action (or lack thereof).

A magic missile in the back of the head of the stupid cold one would be good for starters, and in character.

01-03-2006, 07:58
There are a number of issues that can arise when the mount is stupid and the rider is not (or vice versa). The rules for Stupidity should be applied with common sense.

A couple of issues that are not easiliy resolved.

In the case of Stupid Flyers do you use the mount's ground move or flying move? (I guess it would be stupid not to use the flying move...)

A Stupid mount (or rider) is immune to other psychology. Does this override the rider's (or mount's) vulnerability to psychology?


01-03-2006, 08:34
And does the same thing extend to other conflicting mount/rider immunities?

Such as in the Lizardman army, where you can have a Skink character riding an Immune-To-Panic Stegadon, or a Saurus riding a Frenzied Carnosaur - is the model subject to panic or not? If the character is unable to prevent the enraged beast from charging, how are they suddenly able to gain control of it to drag it away when a unit collapses in combat near by?

Similarly, if the Cold One sits around drooling and devoting most of its remaining brain power to breathing in and out, how is the sorceress suddenly able to jab some sense into it because some adjacent friends are wiped out?

01-03-2006, 12:07
If the mount is immune to panic then so is the rider.

In the case of the stegadon, it specifically says that anyone riding it is also immune to panic.

Major Defense
01-03-2006, 14:49
A Stupid mount (or rider) is immune to other psychology. Does this override the rider's (or mount's) vulnerability to psychology?A stupid model that becomes immune to psychology will obviously be immune to their stupidity. If the mount is stupid and the rider immune then I think they would still stumble forward but if the immunity were a spell effecting an entire unit then I think that the mount would benefit.

01-03-2006, 15:09

A sorceress isn't immune to psychology. The Cold One is immune when stupid. If the sorceress panics, is she able to force her Cold One to flee?

01-03-2006, 15:11
If the cold one is stupid at the time then it is immune to psychology, so will not panic. There is no need to take a panic test, even if the rider isn't immune.