View Full Version : Parry Save (not for magic weapons/shields)

18-07-2010, 20:12
Just wondering how many people have missed this, i've seen people missing it in pretty much all new games played.

Basically the BRB says you cant get a parry save if you are using a magic weapon or a magic shields. The shield just counts for the normal armour bonus.

And because parry save is new, no arguments about existing rulebooks "magic weapons" not counting.

Personally i dont quite understand the logic of it, especially not for a magic shield ?

18-07-2010, 20:14
It does seem strange that it's not allowed. Maybe it's a balance issue where giving a character a free ward save along with the magic items is just too much. That's the only reason I can think of that would make sense to me.

18-07-2010, 21:41
to be fair, you never used to be able to claim the +1 AS for HW/S with either a magic weapon or magic shield before either. makes sense to me at least