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19-07-2010, 01:32
Hi all, I have decided to have a little pop at Imperial Guard, and have tried to devise some background on them. Im not hugley up to date on all thing Guard, so have improvised in some aspects. Just after some C+C really!

Imperial Guard

Demuis Reapers

Pronounced Dem-oo-we,

1st Infantry Battalion
2nd Scout Battalion
3rd Infantry Battalion
4th Infantry Battalion
5th Armoured Battalion
6th Sniper Company (Approx 100 men)

Battalion: Colonel (1000 men)
Company: Major (200 men)
Platoon: Captain (50 men)
Squad: Squad Sergeant (10 Men)

Led by General Felix Omaris as overall Commander, the Reapers are an all round army Division. They are capable of most types of warfare, be it stealth, armoured or regular infantry. Due to this, they are a most favoured Division, and are in great demand for various theatres of war. Numbering, at full strength 5000 men, they are relatively small in size and consist of 3 infantry Battalions, 1 scout Battalion, 1 armoured and a small contingent of snipers make up the 6th.

Each Battalion is made up of 5 companies of 200 men, which again are made up of 4 Platoons and then 5 Squads. Except the 5th armoured, which numbers only 600 men, and is broken down into 5 companies of 30 tanks under the command of a tank-Major. The 5th armoured have no infantry attached directly to them, but are assigned squads as and when needed. Usually from the 1st. Though the 5th tend to be used in more of a support role to the infantry.

All members of the Reapers hail from the planets Demuis Alpha, Omega and Prime, all of a similar climate. All are fairly small planets, which revolve around 2 stars. Due to this, the climate on all 3 varies during each cycle. From a high temperature of around 45c in the summer, to a punishing -15c in the winter. This again has given them the advantage of training in almost all conditions, and thus are very adaptable.

They are most recently noted as playing a vital part of the Borssk campaign. Assisting the Victoria Dragoons and Paradi Armoured to quell a Chaos infected region. There most decorated victory however was following a brief and catastrophic campaign on a the planet Reli IV, where the entire division was cut off and surrounded by a Chaos force, that outnumbered them at least 2 to 1. The Reapers, utilising their adaptability to multiple types of warfare, held out for 16 days before aid was able to get to them. They took almost 75% losses, but still managed to take part for another 3 months and finish the campaign.

Their battledress consists of tight fighting black khaki fatigues, with matt red body armour. The 2nd and 6th drop the Division colours in favour of stealthy urban camo. The 1st carry the enhanced Hellgun, in place of the M35 – galaxy variant of the other Battalions. The 6th however carry the sniper variant long las.

The 6th possess mainly the standard Leman Russ, which is produced fairly locally. But also have a handful of both the Executioner and Vanquisher variant and a single Punisher variant, dubbed ‘Messy Bessie’ by its crew.


Obviously not all finished yet and what has been done is easily changeable!
Wether I actually get round to modelling them is another thing!

C+C please


19-07-2010, 02:07
Oh Tank, yours are always a fun read. I think you epitomise for me the true meaning of Gamer.
The reapers sound kool. The back-drop for variation based on planet climate means you can model just about anything, and its gonna fit in this army.
Maybe you can do a piece about how they have become attached to a Ordo Hereticus retinue due to them surviving the Chaos fight. The Inq saw a special something in their hardiness.... similar to the D-99 from Anpheleon.

Looking forward to more.

19-07-2010, 02:20
Cheers coltaine :) quite the compliment!! I kinda purposely set them up so I could model anything and it would fit into them, rather than focus on one type of warfare! I may use that idea about the inquisitor, in fact I will steal it!

Thanks for the input :)


Askil the Undecided
19-07-2010, 11:06
I like it overall. Like many fan-fluffs it's a bit "my guys can do it all" but at least you actually give reasons for that, ones which sound like they've been thought about. (Thank the God-Emperor) Rather refreashingly unlike at least ten thousand SM homebrews which give none.

I would ask one thing though, please use words instead of numbers in the main thrust of the fluff (eg. three months rather than 3 months) it makes it more readable and makes the whole thing look better somehow.

23-07-2010, 09:33
i like it, nothing too outrageous, or far fetched, which is refreshing. i think the key to guard is to play on their vulnerablilities, which you '75% losses' comment certainly does. looking forward to seeing this stuff develop.

23-07-2010, 19:27
Cheers guys, like I said I have no idea on any real Guard fluff! So it could be non-fluff friendly!!

Have worked on it a little, in the form of a good old story! Which can be found here, please have a read :) (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=268401)