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19-07-2010, 13:00
Here's a (finally) legal version on my ogres for the new edition. I'm still a little worried about having enough anti magic, and that my BSB doesn't have enough protection or a magic weapon for any ethereal nasties, but i can't really figure out a better combo. any suggestions?

Tyrant: Heavy Armour, Tenderiser, Laurels of Victory, Gut Maw
301 points

Slaughtermaster: Dispel Scroll, Healing Potion
260 points

Bruiser: BSB, Heavy Armour, Ironfist, Greatskull
204 points

Butcher: Siegebreaker, Sceptre of Stability, Ironcurse Icon
180 points

5 x Bulls: Standard bearer, musician
205 points

5 x Bulls: Standard bearer, musician
205 points

5 x Ironguts: Standard bearer, musician
270 points

24 x gnoblar fighters
48 points

24 x gnoblar fighters
48 points

8 x gnoblar trappers
48 points

165 points

2 x Leadbelchers: musician
120 points

2 x Leadbelchers: musician
120 points

75 points

Total = 2249 points

19-07-2010, 20:47
maybe make the gnoblars a big ol unit of 50?

30-07-2010, 16:08
ok having played a couple of games with this list, i'm a bit happier with the character combinations which i was uncertain about before. the slaughtermaster definately stays!

however i'm not sure about the actual units.

firstly 2 units of leadbelchers don't seem to do that much damage. it's nice to have, but i think two units is a luxury at this level. so first thing is to drop them to one unit of 3, saving me 65 points.

secondly 2 units of gnoblars again don't do that much. i think i'm stuck in the 7th ed mindset where you need units to take table quarters and such, and then cheap gnoblars were ace. i wouldn't drop them all, as i thin k1 unit has it's place guarding a flank and being deployed first, but the other goes saving a further 48 points.

with the single point left over i know have 114 points to spend.

Option 1

Take an extra gorger and give the bulls back their additional hand weapons.

1 gorger is nice coming on from the back, but no one takes just 1 war machine so 2 would get that job done much better. plus it's another unbreakable ogre, and that is probably its most useful attribute.

Option 2

add 3 bulls to one of the units to make a much bigger battering ram. put the tyrant in here and steamroll towards things.

i'm slightly hesitant about this, as it would make a very large unit and thus an easy choice for my opponant on who to attack. i can remedy this slightly by joining the butcher to this unit too, thus giving them a 6+ ward from shooting and a personal buffer, but i've never liked the idea of a mega deathstar type unit.

any opinions? or is there something else i haven't thought of yet?

31-07-2010, 09:57
I doubt units of more than 6 ogres is worth it

I think you're a bit top heavy, but the alternative would probably reduce your anti-magic....

gnoblar units should be bigger I think, to lock something steadfastly a round or two, trappers I don't see any point in anymore.

I suggest option 3: drop a leadbelcher and the butcher to get another unit of bulls. Drop the trappers to increase the 2 gnoblar units to 30-40 in size.

01-08-2010, 03:48
i have seen a unit of 7 ironguts and a tyrant roll a army i have dont it and i see it done to me. you can do that than next to it run a 7 unit with a bsb in it.

01-08-2010, 06:39
drop the bellowers

01-08-2010, 11:01
drop the bellowers

Why? Musicians have become more useful this edition, and they're only 10 points each

02-08-2010, 00:18
Musicians are indeed worth it now, probably more than any other command element for Ogres. Champions cost a lot for the extra points, but they are very handy in challenges, especially since you gain extra victory points for killing a character with a unit champion.

IMO, standard bearers are only worth it if you plan on taking a magical banner. Because the second rank gets up to 3 attacks, Ogres received a huge boost in non-static combat res. The points spent on all those standards could go elsewhere. Remember that if your Ogres flee from combat, the standard bearer is now slain immediately.

I've been running my Ironguts in a 4x2 formation. They work wonders. Seven with a character and Trollgut can absorb a lot of damage and dish it out with no mercy.