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19-07-2010, 21:24
This is the 3000 point list I just worked out, well because I can't fit everything I want in anything less and heck, the people I play with will be at 3000 points shortly as well. It is a Tzeentch themed list because thats what I want (fav god, blue is my fav color, etc.). So without further ado here is the list and justifications/uses for each choice, apologies in advance for the length.

Lords = 749 (just under 25% woo!)

Keltazaer - Chaos Lord, MoTz, Shield, Chaos steed, Talisman of Endurance, Helm of Many Eyes, Sword of Strife (349)
-He accompanies the knights, with 1+/4++ is well protected, and has 7 S5 attacks with re-rolls to hit from ASF (does anything have higher than I7?), the BSB will also be in the unit to help him avoid stupidity re-rolling on 9's, also I just want a really killy character in my army and with a sorcerer lord too he can only fit at 3000 pts. I just wish the Helm was only 20 points so I could give him the Chaos Runesword instead.

Phoruic - Sorcerer Lord, LV4, MoTz, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted shield, Blood of Tzeentch, Disc (400)
-This guy seems a pretty standard build for obvious reasons, protected against shooting with 1+/3++ (the 3++ also protects against miscasts if I manage to roll 3 6's, I had a similar build in my first game of 8th and he survived 2 miscasts, for some reason my dice like rolling multiple 6's when I don't really need them), the blood of Tzeentch is there to help protect against miscasts (still happens though)

Heroes = 367

Bizarax - Exalted Hero, BSB, MoTz, Collar of Khorne, Biting Blade, Charmed Shield, Chaos steed (196)
-He is also in the knight unit to help the Lord and everyone else or that matter, he is reasonably protected at 1+/5++, and the charmed shield is there for cannons etc. The biting blade is there because hey everyone else has a magic weapon and I didn't want him to feel left out. Also the Collar of Khorne is probably one the most undercosted magic items in the game now.

Zolern - Sorcerer LV1, MoTz, Chaos steed, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Conjoined homonculus (166)
-He is probably the least effective built character in the army, but I have a converted model for him that I love (a knight with the spawn tentacle arm with the face coming out of it for his homonculus), he is not in the knight unit, but stays nearby on a flank and little behind to get the BSB re-roll for stupidity, the golden eye is there for protection (2+/3++ against most stuff that would come at him as he stays out of combat), his job is mainly to blast stuff with Flickering Flames.

Core = 1128 (1038 counts as it says in the BRB on pg. 134 that core choices that didn't count towards minimum core don't count towards anything so the warhounds don't count, but I am still way over 25%)

3x15 Chaos warriors, shields, MoTz, standard, champion (each unit 284 x3 = 852)
- These are anvils obviously (5x3 ranks of course), I wish I could do them 20 strong, but then I could only get 2 units in and that feels like too few of them for 3000 points. The standard is there to provide the CR and since they only lose 25 VP these days not so much of a worry anymore. The Champs are there for 2 reasons, 1 I have a warshrine and the new rule that if champs take out a character its extra VP and these guys actually have a shot at it.

10 Marauder Horsemen, MoTz, shields, spears, throwing spears, musician (186)
-these guys run in 2 ranks of 5 to cause disruption, and since they can attack and shoot in 2 ranks (well except for the horsies but whatever) I don't see a reason not to. Throwing spears are now IMHO better than axes since quick to fire no longer ignores the range penalty and they are now range 12". MoTz is purely fluff and yes I know its not ideal, although with the new BSB rule, a chaos lord for LD9, a musician, and will of chaos I don't see MoS being mandatory anymore (MoN might be good to protect from shooting but hey it's not in my theme or should I say my particular Idiom?). These guys can fulfill multiple roles, flank disruption, war machine hunting, harrassment, baiting, and against my most common opponent fanatic skewering.

3x5 warhounds (90)
- not quite as good at screening as before but still -2 to hit is nothing to sneeze at. Also good for baiting, possible warmachine hunting, and again either suicide moving onto fanatics (I really hate those guys:cries:), and getting those blasted fanatics to pop early and hopefully take out night goblins instead of warriors and knights.

Special = 400

8 Chaos knights, MoTz, standard bearer w/ blasted standard (400)
-The deathstar unit with the Chaos Lord and BSB, the blasted standard of course gives then a 4++ against all shooting and most importantly warmachines aimed at them, the Collar of Khorne on the BSB gives them a 4++ against magic. Plus they are ranked at 5x2 so they can disrupt flanks at full strength as well.

Rare = 355

Hellcannon (205)
-against stupid night goblin units with 8 ranks this is going to be great, and well its better in 8th. Although the misfire causing micasts will be just as dangerous to me as most of my opponents and I can't really afford a puppet even though I would like one.

Warshrine, MoTz (150)
- Flank protection and warrior boosting, thats about it. Also I want to make a cool conversion and this seems like a great unit to do it with.

Grand Total = 2994

So what do people think? recommendations for changes? constructive criticism is always appreciated :)

19-07-2010, 21:50
I would drop the warshrine and some upgrades here and there for anouther hellcannon personally. They are just awsome (and slightly tzeentchy :)) in 8th.ed

But, a really nice, fluffy, list


20-07-2010, 07:02
Thanks for the feedback. I'd like to fit another hellcannon in there but I just don't know how to do it without making my characters or something else significantly less powerful and I really want those guys to shine.

Also do people think sword of strife with +2 A is better than the Ogre sword for +2 S? I am trying to think with the re-rolls to hit from ASF if 7 S5 attacks or 5 S7 attacks are better. I just with there was a sword for 40 that gave both +1S and +1A. The WS bonus from the runesword (once again goes over allowance by 5 anyways) doesn't do much for a chaos lord other than making WS4 hit on 5+.

20-07-2010, 08:02
Is there a reason why your BSB has two shields? :p


20-07-2010, 09:24
well spotted sir! I do feel a bit sheepish now. Well thats 5 points I can spend on um, I'm not sure. I'll try and figure it out.:D