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20-07-2010, 16:02
So I just want to make sure I have this right.

The Mark of Nurgle
Change the second paragraph to A model with the Mark of
Nurgle is difficult to target. Ranged attacks that target him are
at -1 To Hit. Models that target him in close combat are at -1

Fear states (pg 69) "...all models in the unit have their WS reduced to 1 for the remainder of that round of combat." This is done at the start of combat after a unit fails the fear test.

So from that, if the nurgle character strikes first, the models are at WS 1. The opponent will strike at WS 0.

The question is when do the models target the MoN model and receive the -1. Also, if the MoN model strikes after the opposing models, does the MoN model strike against WS 0, and thus auto hits?

20-07-2010, 16:53
typical GW answer - "The player who's turn it it decides"


20-07-2010, 19:57
i dont really understand the questions but ill try my best??

they recieve they -1 WS when they are going to attack the MoN models.. (they wont get it if they're in base contact with MoN but target a non MoN unit) when its their turn to attack only. (dont forget since the opponent is WS0 they make no attacks lol)

when you attack back the opponent isn't targetting you so they are WS1 (u only need 3's to hit tho so is still good :) )

hope i helped