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20-07-2010, 16:09
I am looking to start collecting a warhammer army. I've never played the game myself, although I have watched people play it before, and I have been reading up on the game. I currently play a tyranid army in 40K and a bunch of people at my local game shop have started collecting fantasy.

I've narrowed my selection down to either WoC or Beastmen but can't seem to make the decision.

One of the main reasons I like these armies is because some of the characters are just way too bad @ss looking. Archaon, the champions, the juggernaut and demon prince are some really cool looking ones in the WoC army while the doombull, malagor, and the beastlords are equally as awsome.

I love both armies core smaller units (chaos warriors and gor herds) but don't really like the ungor or maurauders as much. Although with the new horde rules I think I'll have to include them in my army to take advantage of the size. As well both armies have some cool looking rare and special units.

So that brings 2 of my questions. While I like to do fluffy stuff and I'd love to make an all fluff army I'd like to play something that is still competative.

1.) Is it possible to make a competative army with a characters such as archeron or malagor?

2.) Could I do either of these armies without huge blocks of the cheaper units (ungor and marauders)?

Also any insights you guys could give me to help me make my decision on these armies would be appreciated. How much you enjoyed modeling and painting your WoC or beastmen army, how you enjoy playing them. Tactical advantages and disadvantages of each. Anything would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Brother Loki
20-07-2010, 17:14
Something quite a few people do is to ude beastmen models to represent marauders in a WoC army. This is because in the previous version sof the army books you were allowed to mix and match between the two, meaning many players had models from both ranges, but couldn't do a full army of either when they were split. This is a pretty common proxy to make, and is fairly widely accepted. You might want to consider it.

20-07-2010, 18:54
Thanks for the info! That might be a rout I will go... using gors to represent maurauders, if I do decide to go with WoC.

20-07-2010, 20:13
WoC appear to be a little more competitive than Beastmen at the moment, but it might be a little too early to make a clear judgement. Blocks of warriors, especially one with MoK, can tear through a lot of things that are put in front of them. They do run into trouble against some other elites though, namely things like swordmasters and black guard. With ASF re-rollable attacks they usually carve through a fair amount of warriors in a short time. Since they have such high Str attacks they also tend to negate or severely impact armor saves as well.

Things are a little better nowadays with the step up rule, but if you lose 10-12 warriors out of a unit of 18 or 20 it's still going to hurt pretty bad. This is why marauders are so useful, since they can soak up the casualties that more elite troops can dish out while still coming back with tons of attacks. 50 marauders aren't going to mind as much if they lose 10 of their number since you'll still be able to hit the elite unit pretty hard.

Also, warriors tend to attract a lot of fire from magic and shooting. If you don't have any cheap, somewhat disposable units to soak up the fire you can lose half your army before you even get to close combat. The potential of increased charge ranges helps but it's still nice to have some units that can afford to take some shooting losses.

Basically, it's a good idea to have at least one unit of marauders available to throw at the stuff that can tear through your warriors with ease. Sometimes having more bodies is a better defense than a high armor save. Or at least that's my take on the situation.

20-07-2010, 21:29
Yea, from what I have been reading from posts in the tactica forums that seems to be the consensus. The bonus from hordes is helpful and most people include at least one large unit of marauders.

So, saying I go with WoC, I still am wondering how well the special characters work such as archeron. Is it worth taking him in an army?

If these heros don't work well and i'm better off with generic champions, then is there some way to at least use the model in my army? Substitute it for a champion of some sort?

Brother Loki
21-07-2010, 09:12
Archaon is nearly 700 points, so you need to be playing pretty big games to use him. Never actually used him so I can't comment on effectiveness. You could certainly use the model as a Lord or Exalted Champion though.