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20-07-2010, 20:41
I haven't played Fantasy since probably 2nd edition. Been spending all my time on 40k, but the new 0k rules look like a huge improvement to me. Some friends and I are going to check it out, here's what I was thinking of doing. Please any comments are welcome.

Lords - 291pts
Orc Warboss w/ Akkr'rit Axe, Armor of Gork
195 pts

Night Goblin Warboss w/ Sword of Might, Tricksy Trinket

Heroes - 458pts
Orc Shaman w/ lvl 2
100 pts

Goblin Shaman w/ lvl 2, Staff of Sneaky Stealin'
140 pts

Orc Bigboss w/ BSB, Mork's spirit totem
145 pts

Night Goblin Bigboss w/ Bitin Blade (-1sv), LA, Shield
39 pts

Night Goblin Bigboss w/ Great Axe
34 pts

Core - 763 pts
38 Orcs w/ Shield, LA, Choppa, Full command
258 pts

39 Orcs w/ Shield, LA, Choppa, Full command
264 pts

36 Night Gobs, Full command, Nets, Short Bows, 3 Fanatics
241 pts

Special - 410 pts
2x Rock Lobber
140 pts

2x Spear Chukka
70 pts

2x Goblin Chariot
120 pts

Orc Chariot
80 pts

Rare - 80pts
Doom Diver
80 pts

(I also have 2 pump wagons that I can trade out for the doom diver, no clue which is better.)

So, I think I have 3 big units, each supported by a chariot. General and BSB go in center unit of orcs. Orc shaman with other group of orcs, and all the goblins in the gobbo unit. During deployment i'll decide which side of the general and bsb's until to put the other orc and the goblin unit.

Basic plan is to shoot with 5 war machines, absorb the charges with my big blocks and counter charge with my chariots. Pretty basic strategy, but it sounds doable until get a few games under my belt.

Any thoughts?

20-07-2010, 21:10
Seems a bit too heavy on Characters IMO. How are you running the blocks of infantry?

20-07-2010, 21:16
Not sure I understand your question. Im running the infantry right up the middle. General and BSB in the center unit, giving leadership and rerolls to the 2 side units. enough space between the 3 infantry units for the chariots to squeeze through and pull off a counter charge.

20-07-2010, 21:52
I think Paraelix means how are you running them ranks-wise. Like are they 7 wide and 5 deep? That sort of thing.

20-07-2010, 22:10
When I added up the cost of the different choices I got it to 2002pts so I would drop a Ngoblin with bow.

The list does however look very solid for a first list, there is little I would change.