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20-07-2010, 22:55
This was my friend and my first 8th edition game and I decided to record it so that we could both learn from our blunders.


Slann : Life, Rumination, Mystery, power stone, dispel scroll, BSB 370

18 Saurus with hand weapons and full command, and a banner of swiftness 233
25 Saurus with spears, five wide with full command 330
2 x 10 Skink skirmishers 140
18 Saurus with hand weapons and full command 228

16 Temple guard, FC 291
6 chameleon skinks 72

2 lone Salamanders each with an extra handler 160
Ancient Stegedon 275
- 2099


Plague priest on a furnace with lv 2, a plague censer, dispel scroll and ruby ring of ruin 326
Chieftain BSB
Chieftain Enchanted shield, talisman of preservation
chieftain dragon helm and talisman of endurance
- the above chieftains are all kinda written together, it's hard to tell exactly where the gear went and the costs balanced but the above is what I can make out

2 x 35 clan rats with spears, full command, and a ratling gun 498
25 Stormvermin with shields, full command, a warpfire thrower and what my friend has written down as a "clan sup banner" (got me) 300

2 x 3 Jezzals 140
2 x 8 Plague Censer bearers (will be written as PCBs from here on out)
30 Plague monks with full command and banner of the underdeep 260

Doomwheel 150

Our table was fairly cluttered. This description of the table is from the point of view of the lizards long table edge. Top left is a large swamp, middle top is a long narrow forest perpendicular to the top table edge. Top right 2" tall hill with steep edges and a ramp up it pointing toward the table center. Far left table center is a small lake, just to the left of center is a ruin. Bottom left is a steep sided hill, and at the 2/3 to the right mark on the bottom table edge is a medium sized forest. We had planned to roll on the mysterious terrain table whenever we entered a piece of terrain but we got swamped enough in figuring out everything else that those rules never came into play and won't be mentioned again.

We played scenario number 1, traditional 12" deployment and victory points from 7th edition.

These deployments are from left to right across the table.

Skaven (on ďtop side): Doomwheel on far left flank, 8 PCBs, clanrat block more or less directly up from the ruin, furnace and monks just to the left of the long narrow forest, storm vermin on right edge of the forest, 2nd clanrat block, other 8 PCBs and both units of Jezzals up on the hill.

Lizards (on the ďbottomĒ): skirmisher unit partially on the hill, salamander at it's base just bellow the ruin, 18 saurus block, Slann & TG block, 25 spear saurus block just to the left of the forest, 10 skinks in the forest, salamander on it's right edge, second block on 18 HW saurus and on the far right table edge just out of the Jezzial's arc my ancient steg. Chameleon skinks deploy in the top left corner of the board a little above and behind the doomwheel.

It's hard to express here but both of our forces were a bit crowded to the right of the table, with the far left fairly open. We took a break here and the skaven player talked about how he was unhappy with his deployment mainly because the doomwheel didn't have enough good targets near it. He always tries to chase down and fry my steg with it and I generally try to keep the damn thing as far away from that damn wheel as possible.

Top of turn 1

Skaven with roll to go first and begin marching full speed down the table. The skaven remembers to roll for his plague spells here and gets plague and pestilent breath, however despite generating a large pool of power dice all his spells are out of range at this point. In shooting the doomwheel is found to be closer to the PCBs than to the skinks on the bottom left hill and fails it's LD check frying two PCBs with str 10 lightning. Jezzals all shoot at the right most salamander and roll poorly not getting any hits.

Bottom of turn 1

Lizards advance at approximately half speed with the salamanders jumping out in front to try and fry those juicy clanrat blocks early. Sallies are probably the single most buffed thing in the lizardman book right now since they get both the skirmisher rules (-1 to shoot at them and march and shoot) and the monster and handler rule, not to mention no partials! Both the steg and the slann hold back a bit here while the left saurus block of 18 turns off to go try and deal with the doomwheel.

Lizards get an 11 for power dice. This makes a ruminating toad very happy. The way we did rumination (which is +1 free dice on all castings) is that dice that are used to cast leave the pool as they are used and that the 12 power dice pool cap is that the pool can't go above 12 at any one time (such as from tons of channeling or magic item PD generation at the beginning of the phase, or after a particularly good death casting). Exactly how this works under the rules is still being argued about but what I've just explained is the majority opinion that I've heard so far (and what makes sense to me). I cast throne of vines on a 17 and it gets scrolled. Following that awakening the wood puts three wounds on the stormvermin and shield of thorns is put on the left salamander (poor choice), +5 regen on the slann's unit and +2T on the far right saurus block. I end the phase with more dice left than I have spells and unwilling to attempt a 21+ lurker.

In shooting the left skinks put a single wound on the doom wheel. Left salamander puts ~2 wounds on the left clan unit and it miraculously fails LD on a 10 and flees, right salamander kills ~7 clanrats from the right hand block. The chameleon skinks got forgotten and did nothing at all this turn.

Top of turn 2

The fleeing clanrats rally and turn around. The stormvermin charge my center spear block, the PCBs charge my skink skirmishers in the woods and the right clanrat block charges my 18 saurus. Both saurus blocks hold and the skinks stand and shoot getting lucky and killing 5 PCBs who fail their LD check and run away. As I write this I notice that the PCBs were frenzied and therefore immune to psych and shouldn't of run despite the casualties.

In magic the plague priest gets off an IR plague targeted at the TG. They lose 3 models (including the unit champion) and the plague jumps to my left saurus block which loses ~7-8 and then jumps to the left skinks who lose five and then fail their panic check. Here the skaven player rolls a one to see where the plague will jump to which lets me (the lizard) place the plague, I let it go out since it kinda scares me. The miscast is a 5 with a str 10 small pile plate. On his wound rolls against his units the skaven rolls 5 ones out of 8 dice and loses three inconsequential monks.

In shooting the warpfire thrower nicks the left salamander and it evaporates due to d3 wounds. Trying to outdo itís team-mate the left rattling gun opens up on the left salamander which it vaporizes in a hail of bullets. Jezzals manage to kill a single skink skirmisher on the right and the last ratling gun opens up on the steg, misfires getting half str shots and manages to kill a single skink crew member.

In close combat the stormvermin are broken by the spear saurus who target the BSB and take it out to deny the rats their re-roll The rats do manage to kill the saurus unit champion. The saurus also manage to overrun ~9Ē. In the small clanrat vs HW saurus combat the saurus champion is killing but the combat ends up being a noisy tie as both sides have musicians.

Bottom of 2

In charges the left plague wracked saurus charge the nearby PCBs, the saurus spear unit charges into the flank of the furnace unit and the stegedon charges into the flank of the clannrat scrum on the right side. Left skinks continue to flee, and the center skinks march up into the face of the warpfire thrower and the slann brick turns to face the incoming doom wheel and scoots away from it.

In magic I dump a bunch of dice (like 5 I think) at vines and get the desired irresistible force and since the spell goes into effect before the miscast it resolved I get to shrug it off. Now that the slann is properly buffed he tosses awakening woods at the doomwheel causing 2 wounds and causing it to loose control. Unfortunately the doomwheel rolls well and just speeds up gaining an additional d6 to its movement. In other casting the slann puts +4T on the small saurus block engaged with the PCBs and puts the thorn shield on the spear saurus brick engaged with the furnace. Not knowing the new spells well yet I miss that its hits are resolved at the end of each magic phase however and donít kill any monks with it.

My only shooting is a volley of skink darts in the warpfire thrower which goes down.

The now T8 saurus wipe the PCBs losing only one of their own number in the process and overrun in the direction of the left ratling gun. In the furnace fight the saurus kill a bunch of monks winning the fight by 11. The furnace is still unbreakable but this keeps it from reforming to bring the furnace into the fight. Iím pretty sure that the we never rolled for the furnace to gas the monks to death during this and the following turns of this combat. On the right the steg pushes the fight far into the lizards favor and the clanrats are broken and run down by the steg.

Yet again the chameleon skinks are completely forgotten.

Top of 3

Not a ton of movement from the rats. The doomwheel moves to the side of the bottom side of the slanns unit and the mostly intact clanrat block turns and moves behind the furnace so as to flank the saurus in the following turn.

The plague priest uses the ruby ring to fling a lv 2 fireball at the slann which is dispelled following by another plague which is scrolled away.

In shooting the jezzals put a wound on the steg. Both ratling guns misfire here, the one of the left evaporates and the one on the right fires at half strength again and simply fails to wound anything. The doomwheel misfires this turn putting a wound on its self and losing d6 move (so itís back to normal now but has taken a total of four wounds).

In CC the saurus continue to chew through monks and the furnace again fails to re-form into combat.

Bottom of 3

The fleeing far left skinks finally rally. The slann keeps turning to face the doomwheel so as to try and finish it off. The right hand skinks and stegedon move into firing range of the remaining ratling with the steg positioned to get a flank charge on the clanrats if they charge my saurus brick. The two smaller saurus bricks move toward the center but nothing important happens.

In magic trees fails to put that last wound on the doomwheel. The slann puts regen on the spear saurus, +4T on the slann and re-grows 4 saurus in the left block with an IF regrowth (achieved with the powerstone). The miscast is shrugged off with vines. Finally remember to use thorns at the end of the phase which kills three monks.

In shooting the giant blowpipes down the remaining rattling gun.

In CC the saurus keep killing monks (~7 left now) and dominating CR. Still no reform for the furnace as the poor rats need snake eyes.

Top of 4

The remaining clanrat unit flank charges into the spear saurus and the doomwheel moves behind the slann.

Plague goes off again and downs two TG (damn 6s on characteristic tests) and rolls a 1 to see if it spreads. Iím scared of this thing and let it end.

The doomwheel rolls an eight for its str and downs two more TG.

In close combat the rats fail to cause any significant damage to the spear saurus who kill 9 rats winning combat. In an unlucky turn the clanrat brick flees.

We called it here as an out of town friend had shown up and the rest of the game would of just been wrap up.

From my end I feel like I forgot a lot of things (like my damn chamo skinks) and messed up my spells a bit. We spent so much time looking up new rules that we both missed more basic things from our armies. Lore of life was good (I did get to skip two miscasts) but it lacked damage dealing. Perhaps I should of gone for a lurker at some point but the buffs were too appealing. It did allow me to use the TG which is needed since that doomwheel would of fried an ethereal slann without slowing and I donít even want to talk about what jezzal fire would do to it.

The skaven player felt generally frustrated. The main conclusions were that 35 clanrats in a block was overkill and that he would rather take 20-30 depending on the size of the game. Heís also going to cut back on his PCBs and try some cannons next time (really not looking forward to that).

We both need to work on our focus. Anyhow, thanks for reading.

21-07-2010, 01:32
Great report look forward to seeing more!

Warboss Doink
21-07-2010, 11:23
The plague priest uses the ruby ring to fling a lv 2 fireball at the slann which is dispelled following by another plague which is scrolled away.

How did he target you slann, or did I a miss a part where your TG were killed?

21-07-2010, 13:58
The chameleon skinks were so good even you couldn't see them ;)

21-07-2010, 16:42
Doink: no I'm just using impercise language. When I say there that he targets the slann he's targeting the TG unit the slann is in.

Malorian: The funny part about this is that they are painted garishly like poison tree frogs, bright purple, yellow, etc. There was just a ton of dead rats and codex's stacked up between them and the active area of the playfield. Still my fault though, I have a bad habit of looking mostly at my deployment zone during the first move or two. This is stupid beyond just losing my skinks and I need to work on it.

21-07-2010, 18:19
I already see several errors. First of all, you can't have a dispell scroll and a power stone anymore as characters are limited to 1 arcane item a piece.

Saurus by themselves can not have a magic banner. I'm not really sure why you thought they would be able to, they never have been before.

21-07-2010, 19:11
you're right on both points, thanks for pointing those out.

21-07-2010, 21:18
I already see several errors. First of all, you can't have a dispell scroll and a power stone anymore as characters are limited to 1 arcane item a piece.

Saurus by themselves can not have a magic banner. I'm not really sure why you thought they would be able to, they never have been before.

Probably because they should be allowed one ;)