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21-07-2010, 04:47
Righto, here's the plan for the WoC army I've started (see sig).

The list is designed the way I've always seen Chaos Warriors, and (up to a point) around the models available. I can't abide Marauder models, and they don't fit with my vision of WoC, so they're notably absent from my force.

Enough talk, onto the list.

2000 Points


Exalted Hero
Daemonic Mount
Chaos Runesword
- 215

Exalted Hero
Battle Standard
Banner of the Gods
- 264


15 Warriors of Chaos
Hand Weapons
Full Command
- 270

15 Warriors of Chaos
Hand Weapons
Full Command
- 270

10 Warhounds
Scaly Skin
- 70


10 Chosen
Additional Hand Weapons
Full Command
- 250

5 Chaos Knights
War Banner
Full Command
- 285


Chaos Warshrine
- 130

Chaos Giant
- 225

Total Points - 1979

I might well give the BSB a Barded Steed, so he can scoot around to give the benefit of his banner to those who need it.
Plus, the Giant is a bit wobbly. Might spend the points upping the WoC to twenty odd instead.

Anyway, there it is. What do you guys reckon?
For the record, I've been out for the last few years, so haven't played a game since 5th edition! So, of course, have no idea how this would fare on the bloody fields o battle...

21-07-2010, 04:53
Your vision of a Chaos Warrior army is for a handful of warriors to sally forth from the Chaos Wastes?

21-07-2010, 05:11
Let's be honest, one cannot realistically get a bloody great horde for 2000 points...

To clarify, my "vision" is all about chaos warriors proper, not marauders/marauder horsemen (although the horsemen models are lovely!)
More of a fluffy army than one designed purely to win.

21-07-2010, 06:04
I agree with you mindslave the maurders on foot are just ugly! i would drop the chosen the crazy expensive banner on the bsb,the giant and scaly skin on the warhounds(not worth points) get a hellcannon(if you can) some more bodies and marks on the warriors(khorne,tzeentch and nurgle are all good) split the hound into two units or get 5 more and have 3 units for warmachine hunting and last but not least a warshirne or two.(so you can still have chosen!)