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21-07-2010, 09:14
Ok, so again... I've been toying around with lists for 1500pt armies, trying to get a feel for what I'd like to spend my tax return on :D

Here's a quick list I churned out while watching an Empire vs OK game today.

Supreme Sorceress;
Lvl 4, Sacrificial Dagger, Pendent of Khalaeth 320

BSB, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak 115

19 Spearmen;
Shields, Musician 136 (Sorc goes here)

20 Crossbowmen;
Shields, Standard, Musician 235

20 Crossbowmen;
Shields, Standard, Musician 235

19 Black Guard;
Full Command 282 (Master goes here)

War Hydra

Totals out at 1498

RXB blocks will deploy 2x10 to maximise fire and then reform for combat. Spearmen are a batterypack for the Sorceress (who will likely use Dark, Metal or Shadow).

I'm not convinced the Sorc needs the Pendent... Though I will likely be facing some cannons. Thoughts?

26-07-2010, 01:07
I have never been a big fan of the Dagger, but I seem to be alone with regards to that. Assuming that you want the Dagger, I would make one or two minor tweaks.

I would drop the Pendant and the Masters mundane equipment. The reasoning is simple enough, the Sorceress shouldn't be in many combats (and will generally benefit from a 2+ LoS roll). The Master on the other hand will almost always be on the front lines.

That saves you 45 pts. With these, give the Master the Armour of Darkness and a Halberd. (29pts-leaves 16pts)

Now, drop a single Black Guard (gets you up to 29pts) and give the Black Guard the Banner of Murder. (25pts- 4pts remaining) (The AP will also stack onto the Masters Halberd.)

Finally, drop the Shields from the Spearmen (17pts+4pts = 21pts) With this, you can do a few things. I would recommend giving the Spearmen a Standard Bearer (6pts) and the Gleaming Pennant (5pts)

This would leave you with 10pts which could buy you another Spearman I guess.

Hope that helps.

As an aside, 20 man Rxbmen units are great. You can check them out in action in my new battle report thread (see my signature). (Now that is how you plug!)

26-07-2010, 05:17
Well I already had an alternate list...

Pretty much cut and paste of the first with the following exceptions;
Lvl 4 changes to Lvl 2 with Tome of Furion
Spearmen jump up to 19
Add 2x6 Harpies

This leaves me with a further 40 pts to play with... (50 if you take away the Master's mundane gear). Also should be noted that it's almost seamless to swap the Black Guard for 9 CoKs and then I just chuck the Master on one too...

26-07-2010, 19:37
Honestly I think that you would be better off with a Lv4. As I sort of went into in the Dark Elf tactica thread, Dark Magic is very effective at silencing enemy shooting units (which would be the Harpies main role).

As for the Black Guard vs Cold One Knights, that's entirely up to you. They are both great units. If you do take the Cold One Knights there are a few tricky options to consider;

-The Other Tricksters Shard on the Champion (very useful against Demons and the like.)

-Ring of Hotek on the Champion (they shouldn't be within 12" of your own Sorceress too often)

-Crown of Command on the Master (He will have a 1+ save on the Cold One anyway so you wouldn't need the Armour of Darkness)

-Banner of Hag Graef on the Cold Ones: With I6 both the riders and the Master would get re-rolls to hit every turn. Good for grinding through steadfast hordes.