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the godfather
21-07-2010, 11:51

character killer
Bretonnia lord/ Barded Bretonnia warhorse/
Armour of Agilulf/ Sword of heroes/
Mantle of damsel Elena/ Grial Vow 239pts

Prophetess of the lady/ level 4/
Bretonnia warhorse/ The silver mirror 280pts


Paladin/ army standard/ Barded Bretonnia warhorse
Virtue of duty/ Warbanner 129pts

Damsel of the lady/ dispel scroll 95pts

Paladin/ Questing vow/ Barded Bretonnia warhorse
The lance of Artois/ Cuirass of Fortune/ shield 129pts


11 Knights of the Realm/ full command 288pts

11 Knights of the Realm/ Full command 288pts

12 Knight Errant/ full command/ errantry banner 281pts

16 Pesant bowmen/ Braziers 101pts

16 Pesant bowmen/ Braziers 101pts


Field Trebuchet/ Yeoman Craftsman 100pts

Field Trebuchet/ Yeoman Craftsman 100pts

9 Grial Knight/ full command 372pts

21-07-2010, 14:28
I'm unsure how you've calculated this, but by my reckoning this comes to 2782

the godfather
21-07-2010, 14:50
Sorry. I have taken out the Questing knights Thanks

Marcus Van'Shezzar
22-07-2010, 02:27
looks nice , you might want lore of light or lore of beasts for the damsels. Knights striking at I10 and WS10 is too good to pass up. Having them at +1 toughness and strength from lore of beasts is also good.

22-07-2010, 02:30
If you ask me and you're going for fluffy fun... worry not about anyone's thoughts and yours alone.

the godfather
22-07-2010, 10:41
I would mind to be a bit more competitive with this and over lists