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21-07-2010, 13:10
I ran my cavalry LM list for over a year in 7th ed, and i loved that bloody thing. Never saw another army like it, beat lots of peopel with it and even took it to tournaments. It wasn't anything like as IWIN as other lists, but i enjoyed it.

So, i've written and played with a new army list for 8th ed a half dozen times now - all wins, most of them massacres. Beginning to think the list may be slightly over the top.

So, I thought 'screw it'. Let's try to find a way to make my cav list work again!

Slann with BSB, Arabyan Carpet, Cupped Hands, Focus of Mystery (Death), Focused Rumination, Higher State of Consciousness = 495

Saurus Scar Veteran with light armour, shield, Piranha Blade, Bane Head, Cold One = 163

10 Skink Skirmishers = 70
10 Skink Skirmishers = 70
10 Skink Skirmishers = 70
24 Saurus with spears, standard and musician = 306

5 Cold One Cavalry with standard and musician = 205
6 Cold One Cavalry with standard = 230
6 Cold One Cavalry with standard = 230

Salamander with extra handler= 80
Salamander with extra handler = 80

Total = 1999

With the exception of the bloody useless saurus infantry unit (goddamm percentages. Normally ok... but not here), its a very quick army. The other consideration is Oldblood on Carnosaur + Skink Priest (and moving points around, obviously - i think i could fit in a saurus hero too), but i thought i'd try the Slann.

Also not sure on his lore. Currently thinking death because of the possibilities with carpet - run up on the flank and bomb units to death with purple sun. Character sniping is also important in this army...

Its a bit of an odd army, but who knows? Should be more of a challenge.