View Full Version : An early Chaos Dwarves list 2250

Col. Dash
22-07-2010, 16:52
Lord- Armor of the Forge(+4,+5, immune to fire), Black Hammer, Potion of Speed, shield, Great taurus 447
Sorcerer lv 2- I allocated 50 points of gear, not sure yet what to give him 150
Sorcerer lv 2- Dispel Scroll 125
Chaos Dwarf BSB with the Flaming Banner.(Cheap Banner, why not)
Hobgoblin Hero Wolf, Hvy Armor/ Shield/ Great Weapon(Shield is for the ride in, i know he cant use it in CC) 62
Hobgoblin Hero Wolf, Hvy Armor/ Shield/ Great Weapon 62

Chaos Dwarf Warriors x 25 w GWs and FC
Chaos Dwarf Warriors x15 w Blunderbuss
Chaos Dwarf Warriors x 15 w Blunderbuss

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders x10 FC Light armor and shield 160
Hobgoblin Wolf Riders x10 FC light Armor and Shield 160

Death Rockets x2 160
Bolt Throwers x 2 60
Earth Shaker 110

A basic bulls horn strategy, CDs plod up the center with covering fire from the artillery. Wolf Riders going around the flank with their vanguard move to take out enemy warmachines and assist on charges. Lord goes where needed. Each Sorc is in a blunderbuss unit, one at least would take lore of metal, havent figured out the other. When I expand past 2250 first thing i will add is another Earthshaker, then some hobgoblin infantry to get up to 2500. Will have to hit the greenstuff after that for more Chaos Dwarves for higher points heheh.

22-07-2010, 20:52
Looks good. Will be interesting to see how chaos dwarfs perform in 8th.

22-07-2010, 21:58
I'd reccomend a few more standards on your units, purely because they are now quite important with the new missions. Would also suggest buying some sort of cheap add goblinoid unit for putting your sorcerors in. S10 miscast effects really sting 12 point blunderbussiers. To fund that id maybe lose a hobgobbo hero? Otherwise looks good. Good luck.

23-07-2010, 04:49
Out of curiosity which codex are you running to use these guys as chaos dwarves? Is there a PDF file for them or you using a current armies codex? Looks very interesting, i like it mate.

Col. Dash
23-07-2010, 12:08
Its the most current official rules for them. Theres a PDF still, its all of two pages and a whopping total of 10 magic items but its a solid list with many options.
Note that Indy GT group also made a very long fandex which is really cool and seems very balanced. Also very professionally done.
Also this is only my 2250 list, when I expand upward into the rumored 2500 or 3k that most games will likely play at, I will most definately be adding in hobgoblin infantry units. As it is, I am in conversion mode building 25 frikken great weapon dwarves and turning goblin wolfriders into Mongol hobgoblins. Thats going to keep me busy awhile.

Commodus Leitdorf
23-07-2010, 14:10
AS for magic items, give the sorceror the Chalice of Darkness, should help a bit in the magic phase.

Lets the unit of CD warriors carry the banner (they can carry one of up to 50 pts) and give your BSB the armour of Gaz and the sword of might so he can kill a few things and help combat (and also stay alive).

When you do expand your list, lost of cheap Hobgoblins are a must! For now, all looks well however.