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22-07-2010, 17:09
I had a question from a battle last night.

My opponent was in combat with my unit for 3 turns. He eventually killed the unit to a man, nothing left. There was no pursue or overrun to restrain from and the unit is no longer in combat. Can he now preform a reform. The rule book has 2 situations where you can reform, 1 if you restrain from pursue or overrrun or 2 you win combat(but this is written in the section where you are still in combat). Also how does this apply to multiple combats when a unit no longer is in combat as the unit they were fighting is destroyed, but the overall combat is still going, can the unit reform to charge back into combat there next turn.


The SkaerKrow
22-07-2010, 17:16
Page 53, Wipeout.

If you destroy the enemy unit to a man you automatically restrain any pursuit and are allowed to reform. Alternatively, you can elect to overrun if you charged that turn.