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Hrokka `Eadsplitter
22-07-2010, 17:41
After losing some of my dwarf spirit I decided to start an Empire story thread, but I haven't yet decided if it's going to be a about a Vampirehunter or a Witch Hunter.
I would appreciate any suggestions:)
I'll probably change the title once it's settled, coz' this title is realy bad:)

Cheers, Hrokka

22-07-2010, 19:05
My vote is for a vampire who hunts witches! :D

Son of Sanguinius
22-07-2010, 19:09
I've been wanting to do a Van Helsing esque story forever! Go with Malorian's idea and do the story with me in a collaboration! :D I can send a writing sample, if you like.

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
24-07-2010, 12:08
A vamp hunting witches?:D That would be zumthin' to see:D
But then he would have to be good:/ and I don't think vamps are:/

Let's make him like Blade!!:D

Son of Sanguinius
24-07-2010, 23:22
I have a theory in mind (I've been pondering this for a while now), but should I post it here or PM you with it?

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
25-07-2010, 09:52
Post it here:)

25-07-2010, 11:11
Would do witch hunter. Vampire hunter is only one sided, while with witch hunters you can do vamires, but also nromancers, chaos warshippers demons etc.

25-07-2010, 14:25
Make it about a rogue Blood Dragon, who is immortal and trying to atone for his past evil's by hunting witches, as he realises, that after killing a dragon and no longer craving blood, he needs to do something fulfilling to fill the gap.

Son of Sanguinius
25-07-2010, 16:29
Here's what I've been mulling.


Melkhior, the ancient and insane Necrarch, has entered into an agreement with Neferata, the gorgeous and lethal Lahmian. The Queen seeks new types of agents to infiltrate human societies, because her Vampiresses are limited and occasionally exposed by their avoidance of sunlight and cravings for blood. Melkhior devises a creature that can have the best of both worlds. It can be both human and vampire.

When a vampire is created, its soul is taken entirely into its physical body. This allows the Vampire to utilize the awesome strength of its own soul to its full capacity, hence the amazing abilities we see in them. However, the downside of this is that the soul is almost entirely cut off from its own life-blood: energy from the Realm of Magic. The soul begins to stagnate and coalesce into Dark Magic, the concentration of which cannot be handled by the body. The Vampire must then either feed on blood, like most Vampires do, or remain in a place saturated with magic, like many Necrarchs do, so that by sheer volume a sufficient amount of magic permeates into the soul.

Melkhior is a student of Necromancy like no other. He creates a variant elixir that allows a human to, in essence, open and close their soul to the realm of magic at will. The human can become a vampire-like creature and still change back to maintain an illusion necessary for infiltration. However, this is a middle ground between the two types, vampire and human, not something better than both. Even when closing its soul off, the human cannot utilize Necromancy. Their soul has not yet stagnated into Dark Magic, which Necromancy is based off of. And the longer the soul remains cut off, the closer the human comes to making the transformation irreversible. In short, the more than human utilizes its "super-powers", the more it runs the risk of becoming a full-fledged vampire. Melkhior and Neferata would see this as a useful facet of control instead of a risk, as it prevents the subject from using its power to turn on them. If the human becomes a Vampire, they can control it as they would other Vampires.

So, Neferata abducts a promising young mage from the college of shadow in the hopes that a wizard's soul will prove more potent than that of a normal human. Melkhior conducts the experiment and gives the human the elixir. The result unleashes something massively powerful. Melkhior torments and tutors his creation in an effort to break its will and teach it to control its own power. The creation learns fast, but its will never breaks, despite all of the insane tortures Melkhior can think up. Eventually, it breaks free, slaughtering many vampires and escaping into the great forest. For several years, it becomes a wild thing that hunts to survive until it decides that it wants to make its creators pay for what they did to him. Moreover, he justifies his quest for vengeance under the theory that Melkhior would have created more like him and that they must be found and destroyed.

Our protagonist does end up infiltrating the Empire, but in the guise of a witch hunter. He seeks neither fame nor fortune and eschews all notoriety so that he remains hidden from Neferata's agents. Nevertheless, he is enormously successful. Chaos covens, Vampire sleep agents, Beastmen war lords, and other unscrupulous enemies all fall to his blades. He trains with the Empire's finest tutors to become a warrior-scholar without peer so that he only needs to use his power in the direst of circumstances. He even begins studying the concepts of magic in secret to perhaps one day reverse his condition.

In time, the Grand Theogonist Volkmar the Grim decides he needs an agent. An agent who is expert at infiltration, assassination, and gathering information. Our protagonist meets with Volkmar, thinking that the Theogonist is nothing more than a politician who wants someone to do his dirty work. The protagonist realizes that not only is Volkmar a good man, but he is devoted to destroying the Empire's most dangerous enemies that are known only to the highest levels of command- Neferata, Archaon, Khazrak, Grimgor, and others. Taking a leap of faith, the protagonist reveals to Volkmar his secret and asks that his powers be utilized. He wishes to become Volkmar's eyes, ears, and blade in the dark, in exchange for the chance to destroy Neferata and Melkhior. Volkmar, understanding that at times you need to fight fire with fire, agrees on the condition that the protagonist maintain control over his own power. Volkmar swears to destroy him if he cannot. The protagonist becomes Volkmar's secret weapon, deployed to force his hand and to protect the Empire when a hundred thousand soldiers cannot.

As a human, the protagonist is an incredibly capable mage that uses the lore of shadow, as well as a highly trained warrior.

As a vampire-esque creature, the protagonist becomes wildly strong and more direct with his magic and is capable of tackling things like dragon ogres and trolls, physically. In this state his healing is accelerated and his senses are sharper than those of the most agile animal. But he also becomes more bestial and cannot remain in this state for long or becomes more and more like a Strigoi vampire.

I envision him looking like the witch hunter from the art of Age of Reckoning, but he also uses things like a hochland long rifle to snipe with and those twin blades that the sand-guy from Hellboy used.

He's like Van Helsing (looks from the movie version, intellect of the story version) mixed with Dante from Devil May Cry (less the ridiculous attitude).


Okay, tell me what you think. Sorry for being so long winded. I just felt the need to explain the details so that you could understand the scope.

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
25-07-2010, 20:26
Cheers mate, that was great fluff!

Marius Jaeger. It sounds like a perfect name for this guy. Although I think we should set back the timeline of the story say forty years, giving more freedom to play with missions and targets.
And he should have a young band of WH to help him, his former study comrade Dietrich Grau(Shadow Wizard), Oskar Speer(WP, his former cousin) and Oskars fieonce(Don't know if I spelled that right(Who's a capable archer))

Also, this story should be kinda a prequel to a following WH story(which I wrote three A4 about today:D) I'm writing, with Marius as the main protagonists teacher and uncle.
I could post a few words from it if someone wants to read:)

Also, Jaeger is thebest name ever of a reason:
(Imagine this dialogue)
"Who are you?"
"I'm Jaeger. Marius Jaeger."
"That isn't the name you were born with?"
"No. It's what I am."

26-07-2010, 09:01
maybe you could pm it to son of sanguinius and resolve any problems that are apparent then begin posting the story.

This thread has potential oozing from every... pore whatever it is threads have (pages?) cant wait

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
27-07-2010, 19:01
Countess of Night
A Witch Hunter Tale

As Jaeger looked through the worn wooden wall in the tavern he spotted his prey. The old noble from Talabheim were outfitted in an armour worthy of an Emperor, but Marius knew such armours only where a fancy funeral-clothing.
Baron von Mecklen had been his target for two months, and during that time he had stalked the chaos worshipper everywhere.
And here, in a small town at the edge of Middenland, the baron would meet his doom. Jaeger loosed his dagger from his belt, looking over the surroundings. In the corner of the tavern a dark clad dwarf sat sleeping, at the disc the bartender where polishing a dirty goblet with an as dirty towel. Alongside his prey sat a greyhaired scribe along with a well-armoured halberdier sergeant.
Marius decided to wait, knowing that his prey would pass him on it's way out. The old noble had a scarf tied around his neck, accordingly to him to hide a hideous birth-mark. But Jaeger knew better. Under the scarf a Tzeentch rune was carved in the bare skin.
As his prey arose to leave, the scribe went first, the noble after, and last the sergeant.
While Jaeger tried to rise up a servant girl of the tavern came forward to him.
"Do milord wish anything?"
She blinked to him.
"To bad." She said and drew a dagger from her belt and stabbed towards the witch hunter. In the meanwhile the scribe and the noble quit the field, leaving Jaeger to fend off the sergeant and the girl.
He quickly drew his own dagger, parrying the girls blow and making a counter attack piercing her throat. The sergeant had in the meanwhile drawn a pistol, and pointed it at Jaeger piont blance. The bartender crouched cowardly in a corner, while the dwarf kept on sleeping. The sergeant grinned.
"My lord knew you're comin' fer him, Jaeger. To bad ya won't get him."
With those words the sergeant tried to pull the trigger, but stiffened and fell forward with a thrown knife pointing out of the neck. The dwarf in the corner jumped up.
"We can't let them escape! Get movin'!"
Jaeger did as told, pulling his loaded pistol from his belt as he and the dwarf bursted out of the tavern towards the horses.
The scribe where already mounted, waiting for the noble to mount up.
As they ran, the dwarf drew another throwing knife and threw it in the scribes neck. Jaeger ran fast towards the now mounted noble, who smiled cruely towards the witch hunter.
"Not even you, Jaeger, is a match for a mounted man. Die well!"
The noble spurred his horse forward, unprepared for Jaegers move.
A loud shot was heard, and smoke errupted from a hole in von Mecklens forehead.
"Blackpowder beats steel, your cultist bastard."
The nobles dead body tumbled from the saddle, and the dark clad dwarf pointed at the public gathered around the fight.
"You're comin' with me, Jaeger, and quick!"

C&C are welcom:)

Son of Sanguinius
27-07-2010, 19:50
Marius tried to make sense of the situation. When exactly had he been spotted? How did they know he was coming? Volkmar wasn't going to be happy about this. A very public assassination. Behind Marius, alarms rang and cultists scattered into the night. The armed guards of the baron roared in futility as the light of life fled their lord's eyes. They charged or shot at practically every sound around them in their anger, ironically killing a couple of their fellow worshipers.

With a thought and a step into the shadows, Marius disappeared from view. Since his brief stay at the colleges of magic, he had learned quite a few tricks that helped a man of his unique talents. Living darkness crept around him, rendering him functionally invisible and soundless.

There. It was the Dwarf who had followed him. He too was disappearing, though with the practiced ease of a trained operative, instead of through magical means. Within moments, you would need an expert tracker to find his trail. Considering the Dwarf's squat and bulky form, Marius was admittedly impressed.

In his travels, Marius had met and even traded with the occasional Dwarf. Their kind had never trusted him, but then why would they? He was a thing of subterfuge, and they were a people of direct loyalty. But this one was more than strange. Even if Marius ignored the disconcerting notion that the Dwarf had followed him without exposing itself, there was still the fact that it knew his name and worked with daggers.

Marius quickly caught up to the Dwarf's running form and cast a wall of shadow in front of him. The witch hunter leapt from the darkness and drew his twin tonfa blades, dropping one underneath the Dwarf's chin and pointing the other at the Dwarf's heart. The Dwarf froze but kept his cool.

"Talk fast, Dwarf, or prepare to meet your gods," Marius ordered. "Who are you? How do you know me? What are you doing here?"

"Calm down, lad," the Dwarf responded, as if speaking to an irate child. "Don't you think our employer would rather have us back in one piece? Besides..."

Marius' eyes narrowed as he felt and heard the point of a long knife against his stomach.

"If I don't go back, neither do you," the Dwarf said with a smile.

Marius lowered his weapons, more interested in information than mutual mutilation.

"You haven't answered my questions, short one," Marius said.

"You'll learn about me soon enough," the Dwarf replied. "As for my business here, it's you. Volkmar sent me to keep an eye on you."

Son of Sanguinius
27-07-2010, 19:52
I think we should open a new thread for the actual story, Hrokka.

28-07-2010, 10:56
please do that was great cant wait for it to continue

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
28-07-2010, 19:06
Ok, but we'll have to repost these two storybits:)