View Full Version : To buff or not to buff: that's a question!

23-07-2010, 06:38
Ok, playing HE I need to try to level the playing field a little between my low toughness/poor armoured guys and the enemy. Do I choose augments or hexes...

I am thinking that if you've got the range it just has to be better to hex rather than augment. By hexing I make it easier to wound my enemy and then my enemy struggles to wound me as they'll be weaker. If I chose to augment my unit then although I'd be more powerful I'd still take just as much of a beating as before due to the stepping up rule.

What does everyone else think?

Jetty Smurf
23-07-2010, 07:30
I think it depends on the unit(s) you are against/using and how many units are in the combat (or going to be).

E.g. If you are up against 2 units with your 1, it is most likely a better choice to buff your single unit than hex 1 of the 2 you are against.

If, however, you have 2 units up against 1 of theirs, it would be a better idea (generally) to hex the 1 unit you are against, rather than buff 1 of your 2 units.

In either of those cases, the reasoning behind who to buff/hex is because you want to maximise the benefit you gain from the spells. If it is more of a 1 on 1 scenario, then, honestly, I wouldn't be able to give you a definite answer, as from my personal experience, it depends not only on the unit you are using, but the unit you are against, and what buffs/hexes you have at your disposal.

I hope I have helped somewhat, and maybe someone can give you a better answer in regards to the 1 on 1 situations.

23-07-2010, 11:31
I Generally hex. Soulblight at the higher lvl is my personal fav atm. All enemy units within 24" of the caster -1S and -1T, Keeps my elves alive just nicely.

Also if you have a lvl 4 you tend to get the death star or some char sniping spells so your opp is in two minds weather to stop that and loose a char or keep his char and let that past.