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Wasn't sure where else to post this. Got it from my girlfriend by email after her fight with another friend.

She plays Beastmen, he plays Vampire counts and this is some fiction detailing what occured after their encounter.

"Darkness falls over the battlefield, all over beastmen and minators had built a massive fire, roaring in victory waving bits of smashed bone in the air,

A few miles away Lord Malakai sat in his coach, remembering the moment his ghoul bodyguard had been destroy around him, he had been lucky in avoiding the giant axes and stamping hooves, well luck and experience having fought in more battles then he can remember both before and after the kiss he is certainly no novice,

The plan had gone well to start with, Vrax's Guard smashing through the enemy and cutting them down, however in his eagerness the Duke had ordered the zombies too far forward and the mighty beastlord and his guard had hacked them to pieces leaving Duke Lothar's unit to withstand a charge, this was all as planned but the Duke with all his remembered notions of Bretonian honour had accepted the Challenge of the Beastlord and been cut down, Malaka laughed quietly to himself, "lucky shield indeed" however the rest of the plan had worked, Malakai turned to a figure standing in the Gloom, the figure radiated hatred "You did well King Vrax, cutting down the enemy general did you kill him you think?", In the Darkness a hollow smile touched Vrax's face "The cold of the tomb run through his bones the foe lie upon the floor, but the power of Chaos is strong and he will fight again by their will"

"A shame" replies Malakai "however for the moment they are leaderless and a strike soon should allow us to retake the Idol, our loses where high but nothing that can't be remade" as he finished speaking a large Hellbeast landed next to him, "Success" shouted Sir Zeveryn from its back, holding up a skull within which was a pile of ash, Across the back of the Steed was a Hauberk covered in blood "without leaders it was easy to retrieve the remains of the Duke, however one of the shamen survived"

"Put the Ashes in the Coach" ordered Malakai "and start the Rituals, soon our lord will be back with us."


"Beastlord Khargak the Bloody-Horned lay wounded and feverish upon a pile of furs in the shelter of a burned-out hut. The wounds inflicted upon him by the Wight's blade were clotted and puss-filled, his fur damp and matted with sweat, his skin cold and clammy. It looked clear he would die soon from his injuries, and his warherd stirred impatiently. If he died, a new leader must prove himself.

Bray Shaman Roshi approached slowly, his new apprentice following a short distance behind. To his left, the minotaurs were feasting upon the rotting bodies of their enemy, and he grimaced. Ghouls and zombies were sure to taste foul, but the great bull-headed beasts didn't seem to care. Raukor and Golath were to one side, strapping yet more severed heads and skulls to their bulky chariots.

Two gors followed the shaman, between them struggling to restrain a huge chained bear. When they reached the beastlord, the shaman gave a silent signal with his hand. Soon, they had it forcably pinned down before him. Its furious eyes darted about in growling panic, and its lip curled in a desperate snarl.

"You will not die this night, Khargak! The gods still have use for you in life. I still have use for you in life. Your herd shall remain strong under your dominance."

He drew his dagger and began a slow, deep chant in the dark tongue.
His apprentice, hesitant at first, soon began to chant as well, as instructed. As the chant grew in power, the forest seemed to fall silent, and every beastman there ceased what they were doing to watch, hypnotised. The chant came to a resonant end, and with the last word, he sliced the bear's throat out with one savage motion. The great bear tried to rise but his strength failed him with his gushing blood, and he fell once more to the ground.

Roshi cupped his hands full of the fresh, hot blood and brought it over to the Beastlord. He brought the blood to his lips and poured it into the Beastlord's mouth.

At the taste of the blood, Khargak's eyes flicked open. They focused and shone amber in the firelight. Muscles regained their strength, and fur regained its gleam. With a roar he hauled himself up, and howled his fury to Morslieb, the Chaos Moon - and the warherd howled with him. Gors crashed their weapons together, ungors raised their spears into the sky, and minotaurs bellowed and stamped their hooves into the muddy ground. Khargak leapt upon the bear, sinking his teeth into the warm flesh, ripping and tearing huge chunks of meat which he wolfed down. And with each grisly bite he seemed to grow stronger.

As Roshi watched the last of the bear's life energy flow into the Beastlord, he smiled. Khargak was now indebted to him and would follow his wishes. In addition, the whole herd had seen his mystic power.
Yes, this was worth it. This was worth it.

He shared a glimpse of acknowledgement with his Lord, then turned and limped off towards the fire."

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I liked this :)

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Very well written :)

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Nice story, but give it a read through for spelling etc.

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Nice story, but give it a read through for spelling etc.

Erm yeah Sorry about that, I had no idea it was going to end up on the Web...Damn you Evilgood *Waves Fist*