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Dius Primarus/2nd Tyrannic War/Hive Fleet Kraken

The Dius-Primarus System, situated far to Galactic East in the Ultima Segmentum, was once a prosperous utopia, a beacon of the Imperium of man and the God-Emperor's great Crusade. Originally brought back into the Imperial fold by Rouboute Guilleman and the Ultramarines Legion, the system marked the eastern edge of the Imperium, the furthest point of enlightenment prior to the Heresy. With the age of darkness descending upon the Imperium, Dius-Primarus was forgotten, left to its own fate far from the civil war engulfing the galaxy. Following the heresy the worlds of Dius-Pimarus fell into dissorder and eventual civil war, the climax of which saw the planet stipped of life in a bio-chemical and nuclear war as concluded by the Mago Technologis Ivalian-Mutt of the Adeptus Mechanicus Exploritary Fleet SQ32-A4-8892B at 6.1.713.M33. At the later end of M40 Imperial Forces set out to retake the Dius-Primarus system, the objective of which was to secure the 3rd moon of Dius-Prime and its manufacturing facilities, in its former glory the small moon forgeworld produced plasma reactors and military grade plasma-technology, a process and knowledge that is rare in the 41st millennium.

By the start of the 41st Millenium the system was largely secure, military presence was established on the ruined worlds and an Imperial Fleet assigned to permenant garrison the system, the Adeptus Mechanicus set about exploring and rebuilding the forgeworld moon, hoping to learn its secrets and re-establish the production of plasma-technology. Progress was good, with 32years of recording the system as secure the first manufactorum was brought online, and weapons grade plasma technology was stockpiled for shipment off world. The campaign to secure and restore the Dius-Primarus system seemed to be a sucess, a beacon of hope to the administratum in a galaxy of termoil and dissorder. However all hope was lost with the arrival of Hive Fleet Kraken, the Tyranids smashed into the system like a sledge hammer, billions died in the first few months and the death toll still rises.

Despite the remaining military presence in the Galactic South East from fighting Hive Fleet Behemoth, Hive Fleet Kraken cleaved into Imperial space largely uncontested, eventually halted after two major engagements; the first on the world of Ichar IV and the second by the Eldar of Iyanden Craftworld. Although its mercilous advance had been halted, the threat imposed by Hive Fleet Kraken remained, the Galactic East has become a fontier against the Tyranid menace, amongst the worlds embroiled in this, the 2nd Tyrannic War, is the Dius-Primarus system.

Within the system the main stage of the Imperial defence lies on the world of Dius-Prime, capital world and the system's namesake, formally a planet sized city and hub of civillisation on the Eastern frontier, now a post-apocalyptic wasteland from millenia past. Each week sees Tyranid forces overrun positions and slaughter thousands and likewise Imperial forces stike out at Tyranid infestations, purging the xenos from the ruined citiescape. There are no battle lines, no fortified hive cities staving off invasion, but a constantly shifting terratorial war fought amongst the ruin and dust of the last one.

The Dius-Primarus System is defended by untold billions of Imperial servants, ranging from Guardsmen to Astartes, supported in their efforts by the Adeptus Mechanicus, who has commited a number of their titan legions and millions skitarri to the defence of the forgeworld moon and the capital planet; Dius-Prime. Another faction of note involved in the recent history of Dius-Primarus are the Adeptus Astartes Red Scorpions Chapter, involved in the system's defence from the outset of the 2nd Tyrannic War. The war here has forged for the Red Scorpions a great many Tyrannic War veterans, xeno fighters on a par with the ultramarines the Astartes have reaped a bloody toll on the Hive Fleet. Many Red Scorpions have seen combat against the Hive Fleet Kraken, at various points over the war every company has engaged the tyranids in one way or another, despite this there is one name that has become synonymous with countering the tyranid threat; Reclusiarch Tristan Yanek. Revered by his brethren, Yanek is one of the finest chaplains the chapter has known, due to his prolonged experience with fighting tyranids he has forged a reputation for himself as an expery xeno-fighter and hero of the Dius-Primarus defence.

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This is more kind of writen ideas at the moment, but my intention is to create a backdrop or scene for an up and coming project i have brewing. any critique is welcome and i'd be grateful for feedback.

23-07-2010, 19:25
I like the battling back and forth part, nobody taking ground etc. It's similar to one of the Gaunts ghosts books, and has a WWI no mans land twist to it. Also the Red Scorpion Tyranid Vet's is a nice touch.

I would suggest that it's just a small invasion of Tyranids. The swiftness that they multiply would see the planet all but destroyed if the enemy numbers were too high. Could be interesting to have a complete stalemate. Tyranid numbers staying largely the same, as the Imperials kill of the 'newborn' 'Nids, whilst slowly being whittled away?


23-07-2010, 19:50
Even the Tyranids need time to breed their warrior organism. If not enough biomatter is brought back safely with the capilary tendrils (a weak point which the hive mind guards the most), then the Tyranids will try to use more cautious tactics.