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01-03-2006, 15:20
Both Firewarriors looked over the ridge, their electro-binoculars zooming in on the human settlement.
"Five, six, seven guards at any one time," counted the first Firewarrior. "Not that many, really."
"A pity. We need a bigger target to show these humans that we mean to keep this planet."
"For the Greater Good, Jue'sa," said the first. "It's for the Greater Good."
"I know, Ven'la, I know. For the Greater Good," said Jue'sa.
Jue'sa's comm unit crackled, and he let the channel through.
"Jue'sa, Ven'la, it's time. Detonate the explosive," said the voice of Etheral Sla'al.
"Yes Revered Etheral; for the Greater Good," said Jue'sa, taking a detonator pack from his belt.
Both Firewarriors paused, then Jue'sa clicked the detonator. Instantly, a bomb exploded within the human settlement, sending flames and death everywhere.
"Let's get out of here," said Jue'sa, picking up his Pulse Rifle. "We've done our part..."
A bolt round caught the Tau around the face, sending Jue'sa back to the ground, dead.
Ven'la spun around, his Pulse Rifle blazing at the unseen enemy, but another bolt round also caught him around the face, killing the second Tau.
A man walked over the bodies.
"This is Xeno Hunter Garius Berin, I've found some Xenos. They've been dealt with," said the human over his comm-link...

Firewarriors' Jue'sa and Ven'la have been ambushed and killed by a Xeno Hunter of the Imperium. Both Firewarriors' helmet's have the Tau Empire's strike data on them, and should the Imperium crack the codes, they'll also find out the sorts of places we'll be most likely to plant our explosives to get rid of the humans on Hrua IV.
For this, a team of Firewarriors has been chosen to recover the data. This mission is imperitive to the survival of the Tau on Hrua IV.

6-12 Fire Warriors with Pulse Carbines/Pulse Rifles, and an EMP Grenade.
0-1 Players may become Fire Warrior Team Leader with Pulse Rifle, Markerlight, and an EMP Grenade.
0-1 Players may become Demolitions Expert, and carry several Photon Charges.
0-1 Players may become Medics, and carry a field med-pack.

As a note, I will be all NPCs, and a general Game Master for this RPG...
And I'm only starting this because Slazzy stopped the Marine one, :p

01-03-2006, 17:12
I call team leader, (My laser pen of doom will kill you all)

01-03-2006, 18:09
What Tau... er... regiment/company/whatever are we from? Or can we choose?

If we can choose then:

Name: Au'Y'Eldi [Au to his friends]
Age: 29
Homeworld: Vior'la
Rank: Shas'La
Regiment: Vior'la Guard
Equipment: Pulse Carbine, Demolition charges [or Tau equivelant of].
Role: Demolitions expert, likes to use stealthy hit+run tactics.
Background: Born on Vior'la, Au'Y'Eldi begun training in the Vior'la Guard when his family, save for his brother Korst'la, was killed in a Tyranid attack. Au hid while the fighting took place, but soon the Vior'la Guard had to fall back to where he was hiding. Tau'Mon, a Shas'Ui, died from a fleshborer hit, and Au took up his Pulse Carbine and put on his helment, then he fired upon the approaching Gaunts. Yet more casualties ensued, and Au fought bravely, soon he and Tau'Mon's squad were in a ruined building waiting to be killed. Au saw a hammerhead approaching at speed, and shouted 'DEATH TO THE MONT'AU!' though he was just 12 at the time, the squad shouted the warcry back and they all fired upon the approaching hoards of Gaunts with renewed vigour when a Railgun blast tore open many of the Tyranids. Au went on to annihilate the masses of Gaunts with the squad, and when the battle ended, only then did they realise they had fought with a boy, who had fought better than many of them. He was soon made a Shas'La, and proved to be a great demolitions expert and a good tactictian. Au's brother Korst'la has proved to be a great sniper and has become the Shas'ui of a Sniper squad. Many believe Au is ahead of Korst'la because Korst'la has been a Shas'ui for one year, and is two years older than Au who is expected to become a Shas'ui very soon.

If we can't choose where we're from, damn.

01-03-2006, 21:45
Yes, you can choose where you're from, but not the armour, which comes with black cloth, green armour, and a lighter green gun, with grey trimmings, and white on the shoulder pad icon. They're like Black Templars; they stock up on the worlds' they visit on Fire Warriors before going on their next Expansion mission.

Character List;
Xavier - Reserved Squad Leader
Abbadon - Squad Demolitions

02-03-2006, 15:30
Well, the Vior'la Guard colour scheme is cooler, but as long as I'm still a Vior'la Guard, I'm fine.