View Full Version : Tabletop Hooligans Episode 6 is LIVE!!!

24-07-2010, 00:10
Episode 6! And we’re off again. In this Episode we have a First look at Warhammer the Game of Fantasy Battles 8th Edition. Garret joins us on the show cause Evensen is in Mexico chasing an down STD. Paskoff also drops by cause he was tired of swimming in the endless sea of women he keeps shackled in his basement. We go in depth about rules changes, new rules and first impressions of the new edition. We also have the familiar favorites like Feats Of the Week, the Magic Minute, and our normal brand of Hooligans antics! Hey, we also have some Black Library books to give away, so there will definitely be a contest for the next episode! Thanks for listening and ENJOY the show!!!