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24-07-2010, 12:51
I recently posted a thread regarding how wood elves deal with artillery, because that seems to be my major problem at the moment (admitedly I'm not doing too well in combat with 8th edition either, but I'm putting that down to usually only have a single unit of dryads surviving to reach combat, because of the artillery).

This is my 2000 point list after taking in some suggestions from the community. Please give any and all of the advice you can. Also please note that while a unit of 6 treekin would be lovely and would make the army a lot more combat capable, I don't think winning games is worth the pain of having to put those terrible models down on the table (though I am vaguely looking at ways to convert some ogre sized "woodland creatures" to represent treekin).

Lords: (15.25%)

Spellweaver: Level 4, Wand of Wych Elm, (Lore of Life)

Heroes: (17.55%)

Branchwraith: Cluster of Radients
Noble: BSB, Stone of rebirth
Noble: Scout kindred, HoDA, Briarsheath, shield, extra hand weapon

Core: (34.95%)

10 Glade guard: musician
10 Glade guard: musician
10 Glade guard: musician
5 Glade riders: musician
8 Dryads
8 Dryads

Special: (7.4%)

5 Wild riders: Standard bearer

Rare: (22.75%)

5 Waywatchers

There's still 42 points left over, but I'm unconvinced by the heroes and waywatchers.

I was tempted to swap the waywatchers for a unit of every day scouts. They're there to hit artillery in combat in turn 2, so maybe the additional wounds will help them (and the scout noble) to survive long enough (though they would get shot a bit more and not hit quite as hard in combat).

Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated.

24-07-2010, 17:40
Looks like an MSU list. Not sure I would split the Glade Guard like that. Maybe go for a unit of 20 that can help out in combat? They can stand and shoot in 2 ranks so is somewhat useful as a weak anvil or just a flanker if you rank them.

Drop the non-BSB Noble and take more spellcasters. Wood Elf magic has potential.
Also consider taking a big unit of tree-kin if you have them. 6 of them in 3x2 gives you another threatening unit and provide both offensive and defensive options for you as a general.

Though I'm sure you know, skirmishers are stubborn in woods now. Wood elves have an item that forces the enemy to charge them iirc. What's its name again? Can't remember.

25-07-2010, 07:53
also remember that way watchers have lost their special version of scout and so you can't sit just behind a warmachine. (you might not have enough room to deploy them behind enemy lines... this was my issue on friday :D )

26-07-2010, 10:11
Firstly, free up some points by losing some Glade Guard and possibly the Glade Riders.
Secondly, where the hell are you putting that battle standard bearer? I'd either get it mounted and with your Wild Riders, or get some Eternal Guard. Failing that, Starfire arrows are a great way to put some pressure on a low leadership army. That, or Bow of Loren, Briarsheath, and Alter Kindred. That'll do some damage, and almost certainly won't die. The Alter Noble's great for taking out crew of War Machines, too.
I like the scouting Noble for taking out war machines, but I'd say it's a waste to give it anything to do with close combat - it ain't surviving alone for a second - so I'd say the extra hand weapon's a bit wasted. Personally, I'd drop the Briarsheath and give it the Asyendi's Bane. At first glance, it looks ridiculous, but it pretty much guarantees you'll hit with any shots after the Hail of Doom.
As for the Branchwraith, I'd recommend giving her An Annoyance of Netlings and calling challenges left right and centre. Trust me, she tends to hold up the best heroes (and even lords) for long enough to let your Dryads (and hopefully Treeman) do their work without being killed off by their heroes.
On to magic: make that Branchwraith a Level 1 Wizard, move the trees with any spare power dice, or at least waste dispel. Same for the Treeman, if you've got any power dice beyond 6 (for the Spellweaver), move the trees in the way of their artillery. Even if they dispel every Treesinging attempt, that frees up your Spellweaver to cast whatever it pleases - and it generally pleases me greatly to restore my Treeman to full wounds, bring back a few dryads, or do a bit of damage with the Lore of Life. If they don't dispel the treesinging, all the better to block their artillery, do some damage, and augment the Lore of Life a bit!
Finally, as for Waywatchers, you'll have to tell me. I've never used them, but it seems like they're a bit of a waste of points to me. I may be wrong, but it seems like they won't have enough shots for Lethal Shot to do much.

26-07-2010, 10:26
He cant put his bsb with the wild riders, he's not a forest spirit. And wild rider nobles can't have bsbs

14-11-2010, 15:58
Good point, but he'll surely get shot down if he wanders around on his own?