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Justicar Valius
24-07-2010, 14:52
Sorcer Lord, Mark of Tzeentch, Disc of Tzeentch, Level 4, Blood of Tzeencth, 4++ ward save item from BRB (talisman of preservation?), conjoined homunculus, 405 points

Exalted Hero, BSB, doom totem, stream of corruption, 240

39 Marauders, great weapons, khorne, full command, 245

17 marauders, light armour, shields, full command, Tzeentch, 142

18 warriors, shields, tzeentch, full command, blasted standard, 378

5 warhounds, 30

5 warhounds, 30

10 warhounds, 60

10 warhounds, 60

Hellcannon, 205

Hellcannon, 205

Any suggestions? 2k on the dot.

24-07-2010, 16:46
I think i would drop the bsb and add another hellcannon or more fighty exalted champion.

Justicar Valius
24-07-2010, 17:14
But BSB gives unlosebale frenzy to marauders. Give the mark of khorne instead?

I understand the point about another Hellcannon, just a little strapped for cash right now and won't be able to get another until September most likely.
Also I don't want to get a reputaion for being a beardy player, will that happen with 2 hellcannons (most people in my local GW don't play particularly competitve lists).

24-07-2010, 18:08
But BSB gives unlosebale frenzy to marauders. Give the mark of khorne instead?

Not quite unlosable when the bearer can be killed by a handful of S3 attacks ;).

Drop the magic standard on the BSB, give him some protective gear and / or a cheapish magic weapon and you will have more use of him.

Other than that, you have put too many points in characters. Nearly 900 points is too much in a 2000 point army. Personally, I'd drop Wulfrik and the hero level sorcerer and add some more marauders to both units and split the warriors into two units of 15 or 18, depending on how many points you have left. Alternatively, some fast units to tackle warmachines and shooty units would not be bad, too. Some knights and a couple of more units of hounds for example.


24-07-2010, 23:39
HA HA, same avatar. I had it first :D

Apart from me being imature, your list looks good. I would suggest giving your lv.2 infernal puppet and third eye of tzeentch. He steals spells and changes miscasts, a good backup wizard

And, for more impact, i would put wulfrik with great wep marauders and the sorcerer with shield marauders.

25-07-2010, 00:14
I would cut Wulfrik and the hero sorcerer. The lvl4 is enough magic phase, and Wulfrik just isn't very good.

The BSB needs some defensive gear. The banner of rage isn't any better than MoK on the marauders. You want to keep the list tzeentch/undivided, but the banner is about as "khorne" as it gets, and I don't see it being any more justifiable than MoK on the marauders.

It seems that having frenzy multiple times DOES give multiple bonus attacks, so if you want a super khorne-y unit, feel free.

The important thing is that you throw in a second hellcannon, if you can. Even with a sorc lord, they are so very, very worth it.

25-07-2010, 09:36
Alternativly, you drop the wulfrik, give the doom totem to the bsb, and squeeze in a second hellcannon so that any unit hit by the hellcannon takes panic at -2 ld

Justicar Valius
26-07-2010, 15:22
Ok, here is the thing. Will drop the sorcerer. Will make the marauders MoK, maybe make the BSB somthing else but Wulfrik has served me so well!

If I had the models and/or money trust me, there would be a second hellcannon and more warhounds. Infact I'll amend my list right now (somthing to work towards army building wise)