View Full Version : empire detachments core??

Krueger Condail
24-07-2010, 19:11
So do detachments that I buy for core troops count toward the minimum core for the army since they didn't count toward the choice???

24-07-2010, 19:18
No they don't count towards the core percentage.

24-07-2010, 23:39
Stupid oversight that should've been FAQed, since the reason that detatchments doesn't count towards core was so you couldn't have 1 core unit with 2 detatchments and say "I'm done", where's most other core that doesn't count towards core usually had this rule because they were either extremely cheap or just not 'ment' to become the bulk of an army. (i.e harpies and warhounds.)

Will probably be fixed in Empires next AB (whenever that is), and untill then I'll just have to sigh when I put down my 2x20 swordsmen detatchments (240 pts) that's core but doesn't count towards core forcing me to take more core. :rolleyes: