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24-07-2010, 20:31
Zup :D. I'm playing a game tommorow with the manager of our local store.
Currently, he holds the event belt, which, if you hold onto it for the longest by not losing or declining a challenge, or leaving the store for more than 24hrs (which trust me, won't be a problem) for the whole summer, you win a battle force. Easy hur?
It's 1,500pts and he will have the following.

Sorcerer lord w. Lv.4, disc, MOT, Golden eye of tzeentch
Sorcerer w. Lv.2, disc, MOT, Infernal puppet
Exalted hero w. MOK, Chaos runesword, shield
30 Chaos warriors w. Full command, shields, halberds
5 Chaos Knights w. Full command

Pretty beardy, especially in 1,500 :cheese:. I have already worked out he will completly dominate the magic phase, and with the warriors to boot, prolonged combats will be a breeze for him. So, i got thinking about how to have a chance at beating him. And i came up with this;

Treeman ancient w. Cluster of radiants, Annoyance of netlings
13 Dryads
13 Dryads
8 Treekin

The idea is my treekin and the ancient charge the warriors, while my dryads go after the wizards and the knights. The Treeman ancient will accept any challenge that the unit throws at him, because he has the annoyance of netlings and a super high toughness, the hero should bounce and i hit back with 6 S6 attacks, negating his armour and killing him, on average, in a single round. I can't really deal with the wizards at all. Just gonna hope he doe'snt gateway the treekin on turn one, if he trys to cast it, i will throw all my dice at it (including the +1 for cluster) and hope he doe'snt get lucky

It might work, but he will ahve alot of flickering fire, which, if he gets 7 S7 on a treeman, could damage me alot

So, C&C welcome. Trust me, i need it


24-07-2010, 20:51
Just my opinion but i think you need to make some serious changes to your list, not only can you not deal with his magic phase but 1180 points of your army is flammable vs two tzeench mages. Do yourself a favor and take a level 4 with wand of the wytch elm along with a branch wraith with the cluster. if you lockdown his magic phase i think you'll be well on your way to winning.

Im sure you have your own playstyle but if i was taking my woodelves against that list and wanted to win id prolly take something along the lines of the following;

Level 4 w/ WotWe + talisman of preservation
wraith w/ cluster + annoyance

12 dryads
10 GG
10 GG

6 treekin

8 waywatchers

if the waywatchers can take out a couple of those knights you can run rings around his unit of warriors, whittling them down while hopefully preventing him from getting most of his spells off and still having a strong magic phase yourself

24-07-2010, 22:51
The Chaos list is illegal, you must at least include three units that are not characters in an army.


24-07-2010, 23:11
as dimetri1
said......its currently illegal, he needs another unit in his army

24-07-2010, 23:33
Three units?!!?. you would expect more from a manager :D

Thanks for the advice so far. I was considering a magic phase shut down, but i thought a second treeman would work alot better. And i thought the mage might be a bit frail with no where to go, unless he/she becomes a glamourweave and gains a horse and sits in the treekin unit. Which could definatly work!

So, new list, with improvments;
Spellweaver (Lore of Life) w. Glamourweave, Talsimain of Preservation, Wand of Wych elm, Lv.4, Elven steed = 366
Branchwraith w. Cluster of Radiants = 90
20 Dryads w. Branchnymph = 252
5 Glade riders w. Musician, Champion = 138
7 Treekin = 325
Treeman = 285

Total = 1,492

And there was one more possibility, Drycha. She contributes 2 dispel dice, she's a combat monster, and lets me zap my units round the board. But, i can't take lore of life with her, which is a shame. So, any better?


24-07-2010, 23:56
definately better this time, i think personally id swap out those glade riders for pretty much anything else.. the easiest way for you to win would be waywatchers and glade guard and just out manouver and shoot his unwieldy unit but i guess you like combat so ye, i think the list looks pretty good!

24-07-2010, 23:57
I don't own any gg, and I don't have enough rare allocation for waywatchers, but thanks anyway

25-07-2010, 19:07
How did the game go?

25-07-2010, 20:07
Thanks for the relief post (hate double posts)

The game started well for me. In deployment, he set up his 30ish warriors front and centre, with me countering with my treekin, 3x2. He then put his token 10 marauders on the left flank, and i countered with my glade riders. next came the knights next to the marauders, while i placed my treeman in my free-be wood next to my treeman. he then set up his charecters, the exalted to the left of the warriors, infront of my treeman, and his mages hidden behind his lines. I then finished off with my dryads on the close right, with both my charecters in the front rank.

I went first and rushed my treeman and treekin toward the warriors, and my dryads nipped round the back of my lines to way off the knights and marauders.
Magic was pretty basic. My spells were Flesh to stone, Throne of vines, Re-growth and Dwellers below. Pretty much what i wanted. I only got throne off, which was alright, set me up for the next 3 magic phases. I took some pot shots at the Lv.4, but caused no wounds.
His turn. He moved his marauders and knights in an arc to isolate my hard hitters. His mages flew around, the hero on the flank, the lord with his warriors next to him. Magic was 7 dice at gatway of infinity, which i dispelled with ease.

My second turn was the glade riders moving into intercept the knights, and the treeman and treekin moving up to the warriors, purposfully leaving my flank to the marauders, and jolting the 2 units so he could only charge my treeman. My wizard zoomed off to the back corner, with veiw to my whole army for important buffs and re-growths. My dryads and the B.Wraith then moved to where the marauders would show there flank.
The idea was, statistically, the treeman would shoot this turn, be charged by the marauders and warriors, and stand and shoot next turn, kill the hero with all his attacks, and hold with the sturborn Ld.8 that a treeman is renowned for. Then, the treekin and the dryads would charge, and basically win the game for me.
I inacted this plan, but unfortuatly, my treeman fled from combat and was chased down. The game from there went in a spiralled turn, i started to lose the plot, and i got very unlucky toward the end.

But, it was a thouroughly enjoyable anyways, and if it was'nt for that one dice roll, i think the result would have been very differant.


25-07-2010, 20:57
So he used his illegal list? :shifty:

25-07-2010, 20:59
By the sounds of it he put in 10 maruaders to make it legal. What did he drop to get those in though??

25-07-2010, 21:18
He dropped a couple of warriors (17pts each with halberd and shield) and the mark of khorne on the exalted champion i forgot to mention in post 1#