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24-07-2010, 20:43
Hello everyone, this is my first ever battle report with the skaven for 8th edition. This game was part of the escalation league being held at my store with the only rule at this point level being no lord choices. However without further ado here is the battle report, hope you enjoy and tell me what you think. This were the army lists:

Skaven (me):


-Supreme Commander Nibblet (self proclaimed title)
w/ Level 2 Warlock Enginee, Warp Stone Condenser

-Cheiftan BSB
w/ Halberd, Shield


-x30 Clanrats
w/ Hand Weapon, Shield, Warpfire Thrower

-x30 Clanrats
w/ Hand Weapon, Shield, Warpfire Thrower


-Doomwheel "Juice Maker"


-Vampire Lord
w/ (not to sure what he had)


-x30 Ghouls (Horde formation 10x3)
*Vampire lord here*


-x6 Black Knights



[I]Warlock Engineer Nibblet stood with his snout in the air. Something was coming, something that had been dead-dead for a long time. Gulping visibly and barely restraining his musk of fear he glanced around at his army. At the base of a small hill his mighty skaven force had assembled...well a force that had been bought by "warptokens" and not by "rocks painted to look like warpstone". However he knew moulder clan skaven were stupid skaven, not quick thinking like his noble clan Skryre.

Surrounded by his bodyguard of 30 clanrats he looked to his left to where his Battle Standard was carrired by his champion, chieftan Squekbrew led another squad of 30 mighty skaven. To his far right almost out of screaming distance rumbled his doomwheel commanded by his fellow warlock engineer Creeptail. A shot of envy ran through Nibblet, HE was the mighter mage, HE deserved to ride that contraption of destruction, maybe a little accident...." his thoughts were interrupted when as one the whole army began to chitter with terror and the musk of fear lay heavy on the air. The dead things were here.

Out of the trees in front of them a horde of scary things lurched forward. To their right a bigger more hary scarier thing loped out of the woods and to its right a bunch of black horsey riders. Nibblet gulped again as he saw the dead things leader a vampire who he sensed was a mage as powerful as he was.

As one without a single command the dead things moved forward silent except for the chittering of the ghoul things loping towards them. The horsey things on the right moved forward into some woods threatening his squads flank.

However he was not concerned as with an almighty roar the doomwheel sped toward the knights, bounced over a rock and rammed right into their flank. Nibblet could have sworn a squeaky cheer of "yeeeeehaaaaaaaa" was squealed the whole time by Creeptail while charging. Not to be outdone Nibblet drew into the winds of magic and threw some warp lighting at the ghoul things and the surrounding cheer made is tiny chest fill with pride as 4 were pulped by his most potent of spells. To his right to massive spurts of warpfire flame flew out towards the ghouls and he wooped with glee along with his rats as 6 more of the ghoul things fell to the fire.

However all of Nibblets accomplishments were forgotten when Squishalots doomwheel ran over all the horsey things and continued to speed so he was behind the undead host. A small claw fist pumping out the side of the doomwheel. let every skaven know how he was feeling.

The vampire lord snarled as he watched his knights butchered and ordered the ghouls forward and to the horror of the skaven ressurected 4 of the ghouls just slain. Also he waved his hand and even more dead things came out of the ground to stand next to the big hairy thing now facing the doomwheel.

Nibblet chittered with fear and once again cast warp lighting frying 5 more of the ghouls (including the 4 that just came back) and watched as Creeptail went to work. Gunning the machine to full speed he ran into the big hairy dead thing and after three blasts of lighting and alot of crunchy goodness killed the creature without it being able to attack. The even deader things moaned and waved their arms but were not close enough to hit it. Things were looking up for the skaven!

The vampire lord tired of seeing his followers butchered by a maniac in a machine bellowed and charged his ghoul things into both units of skaven, chittering howls of joy and fear errupted from the ghouls and skaven (respectively). Nibblet squirted the musk of fear as the ghouls tore into his ratmen sinking their fangs and claws and killing 5 between both units. However to his surprise Squeakbrew and both squads of skaven warriors killed 9 in return. However since the dead things have no mind they stayed. Behind the ghouls Creeptail slammed his machine into the zombies and squashed them before aiming his machine at the conflict in front of him.

In combat the ghouls and vampire killed 7 of the rats but lost 8 in return and the combat was still joined. However the sound of a roaring engine drew everyones attention. With a gleeful squeal Creeptail slammed the doomwheel into the back of the ghouls (they crumbled all died on impact hits) and sent all of them sprawling including the vampire lord. Nibblet had one last look of a bloody wheel coming towards him before he was able to leap out of the way.

The dead things were dead!....again. Looking around him Nibblet knew it was his super genius mind and super-sneaky skaven tactics that won the day. Glancing over at his fellow warlock engineer Creeptail jumping out of his machine Nibblet grinned wickedly and slowly began to draw warplighting into his paw....

Hope you all enjoyed reading and tell me what you think!

24-07-2010, 20:57
Nice report, you've captured the bitter infighting the skaven are so renowned for very well.

EDIT: I assume the vampire was a basic vampire, not a lord?

25-07-2010, 23:13
Great report. I love bat reps in story mode. This really shows how much the skaven hate anyone that rivals them, even their own kind.

26-07-2010, 15:37
Small point level games don't mesh well with vampire counts, and this can made even worse when they get ganged up on.

Good win for you but I felt sorry for for the vampire player :(

26-07-2010, 18:57
Small point level games don't mesh well with vampire counts, and this can made even worse when they get ganged up on.

Good win for you but I felt sorry for for the vampire player :(

I don't :D

26-07-2010, 19:45
The way i look at it i enjoyed re-killing all those dead-things, and yes it was just another scary deader thing (vampire). Besides Lots of squishy goodness to make my doomwheel look good. Next game got to face some dreaded dwarf-things, got to kill kill them quick quick!

26-07-2010, 19:53
Very nice report. I still can't hear mention of a doomwheel without throwing up in my mouth a little. I look forward to a rematch once points are upped a bit. :skull:

26-07-2010, 22:53
Very nice report. I still can't hear mention of a doomwheel without throwing up in my mouth a little. I look forward to a rematch once points are upped a bit. :skull:

I'm glad you like your doomwheel but i agree with you modaavi. That thing is just discgusting. I remember a 1000 point game where that thing wracked up more than 1100 vp's by itself (7th ed).

26-07-2010, 23:22
Wow that was easlily one of the best story reports I have ever read! Great job. Easy to read and still had plenty of detail that it wasnt bland! Keep em ep and congratz on the win!