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25-07-2010, 03:11
I'm currently assembling my Chaos Marauders and I'm at a bit of a loss how to kit them out for my army list. I've got two units of 30 (6x5) that I am assembling with with Hand Weapons and Shields. These two units can be combined to form a horde unit of 60 (12x5) if I need/want to. Is it worth giving them light Armor? I have some hang ups about models at least somewhat looking like what they are armed with and since they look more like Mr Slave I really cant justify (to my OCD) them having Light Armor..

I'm also building a unit of 30 (6x5) of new plastic Bestigors I am planning to use as Marauders with Light Armor and Great Weapons. Since the Bestigors are wearing Chain I dont have a problem with Light Armor on them.

Any thoughts or advice (barring psychiatric help lol) is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

25-07-2010, 04:27
You're not crazy, I'm exactly the same.
I don't think Light Armour is worth it. An extra 60pts for that big unit is too much and if anything with decent strength or armour piercing attacks them thats 60 wasted points. It's the Parry save that's gonna save 'em.

So no. No light armour.
I wouldn't give Light Armour to the Great Weapon guys either if I was you.

25-07-2010, 09:37
I think I might prefer flails over great weapons. Now that everything is iniative based it seems like a waste to throw their I4 away for the sake of great weapons.

Three ranks of marauders striking first at str5 using flails is an aweful lot of pain.

25-07-2010, 09:48
If you have the numbers inititive is a moot point with step-up.

Greatweapons ensure kills in following turns, same price as flails so... why not.

Getting back to original post, LA on 60 marauders is a heafty price tag and doubtful of changing anything, for 40 points cheaper you could make their invunerable better, same imporvement, unmodifiable, super cheaper.

but if your OCD like that then you would hvae to paint them the correct mark (personally i dont bother, i go for pretty colours and effective rules)

25-07-2010, 14:30
Flails are for smaller units that you're not sure will make it in numbers to strike back.

They make a kind of speed bump that kills the suspension and messes the tyres.

25-07-2010, 14:54
In the rulebook it describes them as having leather like skin, just go with the excuse of, they're totally brick hard and that gives them a 6+ save :D

25-07-2010, 15:04
I can see units of 15 khornate flail marauders doing sort of the same thing used to take horsemen for; cruise missile.
Granted, not as fast at at around 110 pts if you take a musician, they can be worth it I suppose. They can still screw up ranks and dish out a respectable amount of damage.

25-07-2010, 15:06
If you have the numbers inititive is a moot point with step-up.

Khornate marauders in large units sport an aweful lot of killing power. Depending on your foe they're perfectly capable of severely mauling charging opponents. Anything short of an opposing super sized infantry unit is going to hard pressed to strike back very hard. And even large opposing infantry units stand a good chance of being cut down to size, reducing the odds of them being stubborn and holding.

In short, if flail armed marauders get to strike first and win the combat in a single turn, you've probably saved yourself a lot of casualties on that unit. 50 man blocks sound large but if your tactic is 'I dont care about the casualties' they'll be cut down to size very quickly and become useless.

If you fail to end the combat in a single turn you can always just tarpit and charge something else into the combat. The only thing great weapons ensure is that you'll find yourself with a lot of dead marauders no matter if you're superior or not. It's a complete waste in my opinion.

25-07-2010, 15:33
Nothing can kill enough marauders for them not to hit back and when they do, they tend to do FAR more damage than the enemy inflicted on them, seeing as they cost 5pts each.

Even a horde of swordmasters would lose to the same amount of points in khorne marauders, they are just evil!

26-07-2010, 19:56
Thanks for the input everyone!

I will be fielding my two units of HW/S without light armor then.

Bestigor Marauders with Light armor and Great Weapons are a go.

And I am playing a Nurgle army so it'll be MoN all around...

27-07-2010, 02:32
Just figure I'll use this thread for my own question;

Does anyone think that blocks of 30 marauders with LA and shields with MoT are any good? I would think that if I rune them 5 wide with 6 ranks with 5+/5++ saves with reduced damage and decent damage output, or even an excellent road block, 300 points, and they seem pretty good. Any thoughts?



27-07-2010, 04:22
Dan, I think they are one of the two most effective builds for Marauders, the other being 5pt Khorne/GW blocks.

If I was to field such a unit, though, I would go for maximum ranks rather than frontage. S3 attacks really aren't gonna do THAT much, but heaps of ranks will keep them on the field for a long time.

Lord of the End Times
27-07-2010, 09:34
Agreed. MoT, LA and shields is an an excellent build and I agree with Roark about formation. Not sure about your maths, 30 comes to 180pts without command, did you mean 50? Either is a good unit size IMO, very hard to shift or kill them all off before the end of the game so great for point denial.