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Gormereth, the Fearmonger
25-07-2010, 04:49
So my usual LM/HE/TK opponent is going to Korea to teach for a year and didn't have the space to take all of his armies; so he's keeping his HE, sold me his LM, and (with our schedules) we played what is probably our last game until he returns.

I roll a "4"-blood and glory
He says we always get that one (and he's right) so he rolls and it's #3-Hold the Pass

6 pieces: hills on the end, 2 buildings half way through at the side of the board, and an obsticle and temple of skulls in the centre.

My Army
Slann: BSB, shadow
Disciplines of: +1 powerdice, become a Lore Master, your 6s don't count
Took the cupped hands and the warbanner

Lvl 1 with the forbidden rod, got Urannon's T-bolt (SP)
Scar-vet #1: GW, Armour of 4+ wardsave (S1)
Scar-vet #2: shield, talisman of re-roll armour saves, glittering scales (S2)

2 x 24 Saurs Warriors F/C (SW)
3 x 10 Skink Skirmishers (SS)
26 Temple Guard F/C, Sun banner, That bound spell that forces a toughness test on the champion. (TG)
2 x 1 sally (one with extra handler) (Sal)
3 terrys (Ter)
6 Cano Skinks (CS)

His Army

Lord on Star Dragon (D)
Lvl 2: life, got regrowth and signature (W1)
Lvl 2: high, got 1 and 6 (shield of Sapersy and Vaul's unmaking). (W2)
one of the wizards has the a item that does the same thing as rune of balance (I lose one power dice and they add it to their dispell).

10 archers (A)
~20 Seaguard f/c (SG)
~25 spears f/c (Spr)
~10-15 White Lions f/c (WL)
5 Dragon Princes (DP)
1 Lion Chariot (LC)
1 Bolt thrower (BT)
1 Eagle

I don't have his list so I can only approximate what he had.

I win the roll and let him deploy first since I can't possibly finish first

(BT) (LC) (WL w/BSB) (Spr) (SG w/W1) (DP) (D) (A w/W2)

Building Obsticle Temple of Skulls Building

(SS) (SW) (TG w/S2) (SW w/S1) (SS)
(Sal) (SS) (Ter) (Sal)

The eagle is not here because he forgot he paid the points for it so he didn't field it, and lamented the fact that 50 points could have bought him full command on his DPs.

Turn 1

I go first, Shooting wiffs (only kill one archer total). I cast the signature spell on the archers and reduce them to I2 before I cast Pit of Shades on the Star Dragon (in case it scatters that way), but is scatters onto the DP who pass all tests. Most things move up but the Sally on my left stays behind the building to avoid getting nuked by a scatter shoot.

The Star Dragon and DP charge the temple guard, archers enter the building. I take away the 6s from the wizard with life, but he IF a Vaul's unmaking to destroy my cupped hands. Shooting puts two wounds on the sally on the right but I make both armour saves and SG put a wound on the Saurs to the left of the TG. The DP have no command so I challenge with my unit champion, Lord has to accept and the rider hits 4x, wounds 3x, and I make one save...with the new rules for challenges because my champ was killed by the rider, the dragon who has a lower initiative doesn't get to attack. DP get 5 wounds, but I roll 3 6s so HE get a total of 4 wounds. My TG and character proceed to wipeout the DP to the man winning by 5. His general breaks and rolls a 1,1,2 for his flee move.

He forgets to fire the Bolt-thrower

Turn 2
TG charge the SG right in front of them (at the time I thought the BSB was in the Spearmen). SW to the right of the TG move up, Terrys and CS converge on the spearmen. Sally and SS on the right converge on the building (their not weak enough to charge yet). Sally, SS, and SW on the right hold back, but stay at the farest reachs of their range to avoid a charge from the White Lions. Shooting kills 3 more archers in the building and a spearman.
I get the signature spell of shadow off on the SG and reduce them to WS1; apearently it didn't help because ~16 out of 20 attacks hit anyway. I lose 5 TG and then kill 11 Spears in return. He need insane courage with the BSB near by: fails on the first roll, fails the re-roll, breaks, and then rolls snake-eyes on the flee distance.

He then concedes, we could have played on but we both had places to be.

Shadow was decent, but life is still better for LM because Regrowth makes almost any mistake fixable (kind of a universal do over button).

25-07-2010, 15:34
Yea skaven would be great with lore of life too. Or orcs or dwarves.

26-07-2010, 15:40
Mistake on your part to not take the 6s away from the mage with the high elve lore, but it didn't really matter.

His list really wasn't meant for 8th and I'm glad you put that old school star dragon list in it's place ;)

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
27-07-2010, 01:25
It was a mistake of my opponent, he hasn't memorized the rules yet because he...you know, has a life so the changes tripped him up. He'll probably put command in to avoid a repeat or just stop using Dragons altogether (the last dragon-mage he tried failed him horribly).