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25-07-2010, 10:11
Hi guys,

I hope some of you know where this picture was first published, what story is behind it.

I know that it hast to do with the Horus Heresy Line, its something with Ariman getting a Blood Angel Possesd.
I also know that the picture should be bigger, the club on the left belongs to Erebus as far as I know.

So please, be so kind an share your knowledge about this picture, maybe someone can even post the original.

Thank you very much in advance


25-07-2010, 10:21
The Horus Heresy V3: Visions of Trechery
Pg 40-41 Titled: Blades of the Traitor by Sam Wood.

Hope that helps

25-07-2010, 10:33
so what is the story? :) who is the big alien thing?(its not fulgrim he stands next to it..?)

25-07-2010, 11:49
There's no "story" per se, what was posted is just half of the picture on p263 of Horus Heresy Collected Visions titled "Blades of the Traitor".

The full picture shows a gathering of many traitors (Horus, Erebus, Ahriman, Fulgrim, the Fabricator General of Mars, etc...) around a hologram of what can only be Terra (since in the book we can clearly see annotations like "Sanctum Imperialis" and "Portis Leonis"), hence that pic is very probably supposed to show the planning phase of the Assault on Terra, or at least a debriefing prior to the assault...

The "alien thing" isn't xenos, it's a daemon which, according to one of the "zoom in" on p265 of the same book, is called Ingethel the Ascended. (It's useless to ask, there isn't any fluff on Ingethel but his name!)

25-07-2010, 11:52
And, as it's from the Horus Heresy artbooks, that means it was originally printed in the Horus Heresy CCG, so if you can fidn the card it might give you a better idea.

25-07-2010, 20:07
so what is the story? :) who is the big alien thing?(its not fulgrim he stands next to it..?)

That would be a daemon named Ingethel the Ascended. Can't really tell you much else, maybe Lexicanum has something about him.