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25-07-2010, 15:47
My plan is to have one black orc warboss and then use the remaining lord-points to get maybe 3-4 NG warbosses and put them in a giant regiment of night goblins. One NG warboss cost 55 points and can take 100 pts of items.
Anyone tried this yet? What about a unit of maybe 60 gobbos in ranks of 10 with 3 warbosses in the front.

25-07-2010, 16:07
Used to be a standard tactic in the 4th edition really. Big unit of netters with several heroes in the front rank.

Why not just use heroes instead of lords, you probably don't want to give them magic items anyway. Just keep them cheap and buy lots of great weapon wielding heroes. Sprinkle them around your regiments. Use one to challenge enemy characters and the rest will have to be targeted and killed separately by the enemy rank and file if he wants them dead.

Cpt. Drill
25-07-2010, 16:18

Have a look here

25-07-2010, 16:40
hmm yes maybe ordinary big bosses will do. Maybe one ofthe NG heroes will be the self exploding type to take up a challenge from an enemy hero. Or just kill some enemies when he dies.