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25-07-2010, 17:56
So Im just snowballing ideas with my brothers and came up with this quick list for 2250. We were talking about the new jugger models coming put for demons and it's potential as conversions. Also the uber jugger knight unit in the book might have influenced me as well.
so the list has flaws (magic defense) and isn't a 100% done but this is the main bits at least. So without any more preamble :

Sorceror lord- 347 pts
Tzeench lvl 4 on chaos steed
Sword of strife + 2 attacks
Collar of khorne
Conjoined homuculi

3x exalted heroes mark khorne on jugger with halberg 179 pts each


13 marauder horsemen - 307 points
L.A. Shields, Flails, throwing axes
Full cmd, mark of Khorne. all the juggers go here

2x 50 marauders khorne full cmd GW- 300 pts each
( I'm sure everone is doing this )


Chaos knights mark of nurgle full cmd- 280 pts


Warshrine mark of slaanesh- 140 pts

Total 2258 need to shave a couple points

So what I guys think?

The marauder horse are going to be basically 7 wide with the juggers in there. unless I've missed somthing in the new book, that's 8 throwing axes at str 4 on the way in. 17 str 5 int 4 WS 4 attacks for the marauders, 15 str 6 int 6 WS 7 attacks from the exhaulted, 6 str 5 int 2 WS 5 attacks from juggers with 3 str 5 stomp attacks.
I was think of just dropping down to naked marauder horse and boosting the numbers. As there mainly just wounds for protecting the exhaulted.
Tell me what u guys think good or Bad.

25-07-2010, 18:15
Its a bit oddball. I question itrs possibilitys of working, knights wourld spring out as the obvious choice for the unit to ride those exalted to the front. You could invest the points in minimum core of marauders, and shift the rest into knights to make a really potent hammer unit


26-07-2010, 18:20
Yeah it a bit odd that's for sure, kinda figured that it would be best not to have all my eggs in one basket though.
Knights might get somewhere now since they won't get all the shooting this way was the thought.