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=][= Lord
25-07-2010, 18:42
Hey there, I'm very new to fantasy and I have yet to play a game in the 8th ed so all advice is welcomed.

Grey Seer 270

Chieftain 77
Halberd, enchanted shield, BSB

3x 25 clan rats 165 ea.
Shields, musician, ratling gun

20 slaves 42

29 Stormvermin 307
shields, full command Storm Banner (chieftain goes here)

21 giant rats 77

Hellpit 235

So tell me what you think, I am not sold on the grey seer though i like the model a lot.

25-07-2010, 19:55

Grey seers are very useful, and skalm is one of the better items to give him, however, he will certainly need a ward save too so id go for some form of talisman save. Oh, and make sure you put him in a unit, otherwise he WILL die quickly.

Skaven magic is really good, as you dont have a engineer or a plague priest id suggest splitting your spell rolls 2 f ruin, 2 of plague (try and get wither, its really useful) to give a pretty useful selection of spells.

Think very carefully before trying the dreaded 13th however....

On the one hand, its really difficult to cast, will generally be looking at a 6 dice attempt, and could inflict a measly 4 wounds, and when you do cast it, its more than likely you`ve cast with IF so you`ll then have the miscast to worry about

on the other, picking the best targets can really work wonders..i tend to go for units such as swordmasters or other small elites, as turning these guys into clanrats tends to be easier due to them normally being in smaller units and really is worth the look on your opponents face.

This also applies to the Bsb...these two are gonna keep your cowardly little ratmen actually fighting, so your gonna want to keep em alive :)

considering your own lack of firepower, the storm banner is a very good choice as itll certainly help with getting your troops across they board reasonably safely.

I personally wouldnt give the chieftain a halberd, as that will prevent him using the enchanted shield in combat. The rule now is if you have a weapon other than a hand weapon, you will use that weapon (in this case the halberd) thus precluding the use of the shield.

as for the rest, seems ok, onlybe warned..ratling guns are nowehere near as effective as they used to be due to having to roll to hit, the generally bigger unit sizes around. Imo, the best weapon teams are warprfirethrowers and poisoned wind mortars...firethrowers because when they do hit, they hit really hard, and the mortars because you can safely hide them behind your units and keep moving.

Id consider dropping 1 unit of clanrats and a ratling gun, adding another 10 or so rats to the remaining 2 clanrat units. Skaven really rely on the steadfast rule in combat as we dont get many kills, so a unit of 35 deployed 5 wide and 7 deep has a better chance of qualifiying for this. Personally, id never take a unit of skaven less than 30.

Ive not actually used a hellpit yet so im not sure, im a fan of doomwheels :) but from all accounts (and just looking at their rules they appear to be really nasty. Pin enemy units in combat with your clanrats, then hit em in the sides with the hellpit and stormvermin will mostlikely be your best bet with this list.

So, to round up, basically, make your units as big as possible and you`ll be fine :)

Your giant rats will be usefull for racing down the flanks, hitting units in the side, or running after warmachines ( i use a unit of 26 rats , 3 packmasters and a master moulder )

OH ive just noticed....no standards for your clanrats????????
Never go to battle without a full command!!!!!!!
that +1 combat res is very important for skaven as we basically suck at killing stuff, we rely on ranks and standards from the clanrats, and then damage form our weird stuff (in your case the hellpit :) You can be pretty sure that 95% of anything you fight will have a standard in it, so if you dont take one, its not just a point of combat res away from you, its a +1 bonus to your opponent over you.

hope this helps (turned out a bit longer than i originally intended :)

25-07-2010, 21:38
Personally I think Ratling Guns are a bit meh. You do more damage with the other 3 machines available... Especially the Warpfire Thrower.

=][= Lord
25-07-2010, 22:38
Here's the revised list

Grey Seer 300
Skalm, foul pendant

Chieftain 90
Blade of Nurglich , enchanted shield, BSB, rat hound bodyguard

3x 30 clan rats 155 ea.
Shields, Command,

29 Stormvermin 307
shields, full command Storm Banner (chieftain goes here)

21 giant rats 102
1 packmaster, 1 master moulder

Hellpit 235
Total 1499