View Full Version : High Elf spearmen in 8th How big a block?

25-07-2010, 20:57
Just building some High Elves.
I am not much of a tactician.
Just how big should I make a unit of High Elf Spearman.
Is there any point going 10 wide 5 deep?
Or is two units of 25 more useful?
Thanks for your help.

25-07-2010, 21:10
I would probably go for the 2 blocks of 25, theyre expensive, and you want to keep them alive long as possible, and 5 wide seems best, you can optimize your ammount of attacks while reducing the ammount of attacks directed at you. the real problem with 50 spearmen is that my grudge thrower and hellcannon on average do 23 wounds to a 50 man horde. So my 205/130 point war machine killed 207 points of models in 1 turn.

hope it helps;


Ka Faraq Gatri
25-07-2010, 21:24
I concur - 25 seems to be the way to go. It gives you some redundancy - if you take a unit of 20, every casualty is one attack less, while the block of 25 allows for 5 deaths before you start losing attacks. I am also considering going up to 30, and using 6x5 or 5x6 depending on what I'm facing.

The Horde:

PLUS: It will be terrifying for an opponent - every one of those 50 elves gets to attack when charged.
MINUS: Every missile and wizard in the opponent's army will be targetting it.
PLUS: It could make a good - albeit quite expensive - distraction...
MINUS: A very expensive distraction, actually.
PLUS: It will look GREAT on the tabletop.

25-07-2010, 21:37
I would do 2 units of 25 (thats if you want 2 units of them)

Though 50 would look cool and can kick ass with decent combinations, sadly its

A: too expensive for HE to do Large blocks like that
B: Template sitting duck
C: wont leave you much option for flank support.

Personally I think 2 units fo 25 would be great flank support for a decent block of elite infantry

Desert Rain
25-07-2010, 21:43
2 units of 25 is much better than one of 50. 30 is good as well, but if you take more than that they are starting to become a bit to expensive.

25-07-2010, 23:32
Agreed, 25 (5x5) seems to be best. I give one of them the war banner and the other block has a mage inside with crown of command.

26-07-2010, 00:01
I only run 7x5 now, seems to be a good frontage and it's just big enough to scare the opposing general :)

26-07-2010, 01:54
personally, im liking the 25 spearmen and 20 LSG units as my core

25 spearmen can hit a lot harder than ppl expect and 20 LSG can do the same while pumping out a few shots to weaken small flanking units