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25-07-2010, 22:48
Ok so in the rule book it says that with volley fire each subsequent rank after first 2 get to fire up to half their models rounding up. Does that me that if reading literally it applies to each rank individually?

Say for example 5 wide 4 deep, rank 3 3 firing models, rank 4 3 firing models, total 16 models instead of 15?

25-07-2010, 22:51
This was FAQed; ignoring the first two ranks (who all get to fire), you take all remaining models, then halve and round up. So in your example you get 15 (it's actually exactly the example used in the FAQ :))

25-07-2010, 22:51
I think I've just been ninja'd...

25-07-2010, 22:52
Ninja'd too...

25-07-2010, 22:58
Sorry me bad, I was looking throught a printed version of FAQ, yes its on page 5 when I search the PDF.