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26-07-2010, 06:13
I've been finding a single archmage a bit lacking in the magic phase. With only one channel die, I find the opponents magic phase to be too powerful, even with +5 to dispel attempts. In addition, I have repeatedly found myself to have more power dice than I need, perhaps simply due to my obsession with lore of beasts. Yes, Savage Beast is among the most powerful spells in the game, but it's not always relevant. This new list switches out the commonly used gimp of a model -Caradryan - with another mage. In addition, my prince is made a level 1 mage with the radiant gem of hoeth. I'll discuss lore choices after the list.

Archmage lvl4 (Life) 315
-Silver Wand
-Folariath's Robes

Prince lvl1 (High) 261
-Radiant Gem
-Talisman of Preservation
-Dragon Armor, Great Weapon

Mage lvl 2 (Not sure on Lore) 175
-Annulian Crystal

Noble BSB 168
-Armor of Caledor
-Guardian Phoenix
-Great Weapon

25x Spearmen 250
-Full Command

25x Spearmen 260
-Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

10x Archers 115

20x Phoenix Guard 395
-Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Amulet of Light

20x White Lions 360
-Full Command, Banner of Arcane Protection, Ironcurse Icon

2x Great Eagles 100

1x Repeater Bolt Thrower 100

Total: 2499

Pretty standard force for High Elves I think, 4 combat blocks, a few warmachine hunters, a little bit of shooting, good magic and some killing power from the heroes and white lions.

For magic, the Archmage has lore of life with 5 spells. With the new rolling for spells, it's almost impossible for me to not get at least four of the five spells I want: Earth's Blood, Flesh to Stone, Throne of Vines, Regrowth and Dweller's Below. Life is a great lore, especially for the frail elves! The Prince has High Magic, taking the first spell Shield of Saphery (5+ Ward for a round on a unit within 18") and Drain Magic. I'm not sure which lore to take with the lvl2 mage. Shadow and Metal would be pretty versatile and compliment the army well. One option is actually to drop his power die stealing crystal in favor of the ability to choose his spells with the Seerstaff. Then I would take metal for the 2 and 3 spells. Enchanted Blades of Aiban gives a unit +1 to hit, magical and armor piercing attacks. Spearmen and Phoenix Guard could greatly benefit from such a buff. The other spell, Glittering Robe, can give every unit in a 12" bubble a 5+ scaly skin skin. Obviously, this would be great for the survival of my elves!

Thoughts? Comments and Suggestions?

26-07-2010, 10:37
The second lore you should take is either shadow, death or metal. Leering towards metal. The frist 2 work well when youi know all the spells, but the base spell is awsome for metal, so you don't have to worry.
I would drop the bolt thrower. One is'nt enough. i would go 3+, or not at all.
I would be tempted to drop the white lions, and include some more bolthrowers. Buying anouther 2, and then use the rest of the points to invest in 10 archers and 3 more phoinix guard. This will make (with the prince) a unit of 24 (7x4) which sould be a good defense block. And it will give you enough bolt throwers to count.

26-07-2010, 14:29
I've been running L4 and L2 w/ Crystal as well. With the limit on PD, stealing a die and adding one to your dispel pool makes an enormous difference. I almost won't run a HE list without it!

Otherwise, this is pretty similar to the lists I've been running, although I prefer the War Banner on my Spearelves. That may have something to do with the frequency with which I face Daemons though! Outside that, if the points work out, I'd prefer to drop the RBT and a few archers and grab a lion chariot.