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26-07-2010, 15:27
As pointed out, this is a tournament list. :cheese: may be present.

Arch lector on war altar with speculum, Armor of Meteoric Iron, and the BRB luckstone (totals in at 291)

Wizard Lord with a talisman of preservation (4+ ward) and the rod of power (stores power/dispel dice to recover later). (255)

Warrior priest, barded warhorse, the crown of command, enchanted shield, heavy armor (158)

BSB captain on barded warhorse with the dragon helm and the dawnstone for a 1+ rerollable armor save (132)

Battle Wizard level 1, heavens, dispel scroll (125)

Master Engineer 65

29 Swordsmen, full command (199)

30 Swordsmen, full command (199)

5x Knightly Orders, Cmd, a warbanner (180)


2 Cannons (200)

10 Inner Circle Knights, full cmd, banner of discipline (+1 LD but can't use general's LD. Priest goes here) 315


HelBLaster (110)

A few words on the choices. First: lores. I have a lot of state troops and knights with miserable stat lines, and my characters aren't so great either. The lore of beasts is great because its basic spell is a buff. Heavens I chose because, since I'm bringing a level 1 wizard basically only for purposes of trucking that scroll around, I needed a spell where I knew the basic would always be useful. The heavens basic spell is incredibly versatile. Stop a warmachine from shooting half the time, reduce the leadership of a tough block by 1, make those swordmasters miss my state troops a bit :). Also, beasts has curse of anraheir (hex, -1 to hit) and from the pope wagon I get the whole lore of light, i.e. pha's protection (-1 to hit against one of my units). So in theory, I could cast all three, and a bloodthirster would only hit me on 6's. Either way, these lores have great synergy as they all have a way of keeping my fragile state troops, and slightly less fragile knights, alive against attack-stackers like saurus, chaos warriors, dark elves with cauldron, etc etc etc.

The master engineer is totally naked... he's just an accessory for the helblaster. Nowadays he lets it re-roll one of its dice each turn. powerful.

Finally, why no steam tank? The steam tank wins you one repeat one combat, and then bends over and takes it. The unit of IC knights, for basically an equivalent cost, will do about as many wounds on the charge (given priest hatred) as the tank will, and then continue slapping at s4 (or more if buffed) and continue winning combat for a long time. Their armor should keep them alive, and they don't majorly suffer in terms of effectiveness after losing 3 wounds. Plus, the knights are faster. Overall, I think they're a better choice.

Comments are welcome, help me out o sages of warseer!

26-07-2010, 15:48
I would consider cutting something to squeeze in a mortar, I think you will see a lot of ranked up troops and the mortar or the rocket battery help cull the numbers before you go face to face. Possibly drop a character or some items, maybe the unit of basic knights?

26-07-2010, 18:45
WAY too many points spent on characters. This is not an edition where characters alone win you over. Empire in particular need overall number in the army and lots of ranged support. I'll be honest, I'd start over and play to the army's strengths as this isn't really tournament ready.

27-07-2010, 16:56
That level1 really a level2?