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26-07-2010, 15:44
So I'm facing my first 8th tournament in a few weeks and want to hone a Dwarven list to play with - this is what I've come up with. This main idea is to run a whole load of T4, great-weapon wielding Dwarfs at my enemy, meddling with their battleplans with the Anvil, Scouting Quarreller Rangers, and the MRoChallenge (forcing a unit within 20" to charge me or flee - it has now become unbelievably good in 8th). Here's the list:

LORD: Dwarf Lord - GW, Shieldbearers, Steel, Stone, Resistance, Furnace, Challenge - 286

LORD: Runelord - Anvil of Doom, Balance, 2 x Spellbreaking - 415

HERO: Thane - BSB, Strollaz, Guarding - 175

HERO: Dragon Slayer - 50

CORE: 30 Warriors - Full Command, GW - 325

CORE: 30 Warriors - Full Command, GW - 325

CORE: 19 Longbeards - Full Command, GW, Battle - 297

CORE: 20 Quarreller Rangers - Full Command, GW - 305

SPECIAL: 18 Hammerers - Full Command, GW, Grungi - 296

SPECIAL: Cannon - Forging, Burning - 130

SPECIAL: Grudge Thrower - Penetrating, Accuracy, Burning - 135

RARE: Organ Gun

RARE: Gyrocopter

TOTAL: 2999pts. (All choices within army selection limitations.)

This list gives me a helluva lot of flexibility and makes use of the major boosts that Dwarfs has received in 8th. It's gonna be all-out aggression. For a start, Strollaz gets me closer to the enemy and Grungni protects almost the whole battleline for me whilst I'm getting there. The Warrior units are just brutal. With the inclusion of Initiative-ordered combat but also 'stepping up', Dwarfs now wield great weapons as though they may take casualties, they will now get to fight back, and cause pain. That they're going last is no biggy consider that, at I2, they'd be going last against most anyway. The Lord will pull a nice juicy unit out of line disrupting my enemy's plans, whilst the Anvil will hopefully get me into combat even faster. The Dragon Slayer, though an odd choice, is 50pts of total awesome, able to pin a unit and keep them there until the supporting infantry units arrive. As for Warmachines, I wanted to go for a bit of diversity considering its a tourny, but to be honest, Dwarves artillery is probably now the best in the game. Almost-never-miss Cannons, Almost-never-miss-and-stronger-than-other Stone Throwers, and the formidable Gyrocopter and Organ Gun. Finally, the characters are a no-brainer. Dwarf Lord just doesn't ever die with a 1+ re-rollable armour-save that is never reduced to less than a 3+. Runelord gives me an insane dispel phase as well as massive tactical flexibility (and who doesn't wanna play Dwarfs without an Anvil???) and finally, the BSB is now the most important model in an army so the Guarding gives him a nice ward save.

Thoughts? C&C? Matchups?


26-07-2010, 21:02
Looks like a mean list to me. It will be fairly hard to get any sort of VP's from you.

What tournament are you planning on being in?

26-07-2010, 22:36
Since you're taking a Lord, why not field 2 units of Longbeards and 1 unit of Warriors?

27-07-2010, 05:26
Judging by your tactica, it seems like a pretty burly list. I wouldn't have thought somebody could fit so many dwarves in 3k! If you're interested in a little theoryhammer on what you might have to face at a 3k tourney, I'll be bringing this list -


- to the first 3k tournament I can find, accepting that I'll have to trade an arch lector for a BSB and a smattering of handgunner standards if the infamous "Scenario 4" is a possibility.

I'd probably focus heavily on gunning down the Gyrocopter and scouted quarrelers, first, to give myself time to deal with the slower units. If possible, I'd simply stay out of range of the Organ Gun, since your army pretty much has to advance on me, with only the anvil, cannon, and grudgethrower to threaten me from afar.

If my snipers and/or wizards can see the anvil at all, that's all they'll be whittling away at until it is rendered useless.

Basically, I think if I could neutralize the gyrocopter, quarrelers, and anvil, that I could weather the beating from the grudge-thrower while I hose down the rest of your boys with hot lead. Obv, the dwarven Movement 3, march 6 will be helping me out big time.

If you go first and pummel my outriders with a well-placed template from the gyro, a decent round of shooting from the quarrelers, an accurate blow from the grudge thrower, and a middlin' to good hit from the anvil, I'd likely be struggling to get back on my feet the whole game. Despite that, I think I could still make it a tight game unless I suffered a catastrophic chain-break.

I didn't mention my magic much because facing such solid anti-magic means I cannot rely on being able to cast any spells at all. It's worth noting, however, that by luck, design, or throwing power dice until I see boxcars, slipping (forcing) a few spells through the wall would likely make a huge difference.

27-07-2010, 14:34
Thanks for the feedback!

@Wargamejunkie: It's the first 3k tourney that our LGS has organised in conjunction with the GCN that runs in the gaming room there too. We've set 3k as our store standard and it's working incredibly well.

@Culsander: I'd like to believe me, but every point matter in this list. The only other thing I was thinking was changing the Quarreller Rangers to Longbeard Rangers pretty much point for point if I don't seem to be getting much use from the crossbows. They'd get stuck in pretty quickly with the Anvil.

@Hooha: A very insightful post - and a great list to compare against, thanks! I think Empire have rocketed to the top tier of armies out there at the moment. They're always gonna be hard to stop. Agreed Magic forced through will hurt, but that's the same for anyone. I've just gotta do my best to stop what I can by putting together as efficient a phase as possible.

Any other thoughts? The Rangers unit is particularly grinding me....Longbeards or Quarrellers?


27-07-2010, 15:20
I was wondering as I saw the Atlanta Falcons logo if you were in the same area. I go to ATL every once in a while for the tournies and such at Gigabytes usually.

I have always liked the Rangers. Even more now with the new rules.

To me having a unit that even if you don't scout is deployed after the enemies main force is down is an amazing ability. That single block can shut down a flank if deployed properly.

I would suggest perhaps a Thane w/Rune of Brotherhood to go with, but I am finding it hard to see where you could free up the points.

27-07-2010, 15:42
Ah yes, my Dirty Birds! I'm a huge Falcons fan but I live in the UK! ATL has a big place in my heart though - my dad used to live in the US. Good spot on the avatar.

As for the Quarrellers - they still can't move and fire can they? Is it worth playing more resevedly with them and peppering a flank with crossbows, or going straight at them into combat?


27-07-2010, 18:36
Well, if you ever make it over to the "Dirty South" let me know and we can try to get a game in.

Nope, they are still move or fire. I wouldn't wedge them into a certain role. I would have hit based on your opponent. Against a gun line you scout them up on a flank and threaten turn 1. When facing a more h2h force deploy them so they can help counter a hard flank/unit they deploy.