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26-07-2010, 22:05
Zup :D. First of all, an apology for the second army list thread in as many weeks :cries:. I just wanted some clarification of this larger list
My thinking was using the more ranked up elements of the WE army list in a more attritional style to what im used to. So, here it is;

Spellweaver w. Lv.4, Glamourweave Kindred, Wand of Wych elm, Talismain of Preservation, Elven Steed = 386
This one mage has saved my skin countless times already over the course of this edition. You cant really get to grips with her, and she runs around and blats units with magic missiles, or buffs units with the other spells in the lore

Branchwraith w. (crunchy nut) Cluster of Radiants= 90
Cluster of Radiants = 25
Extra dispel dice, and she is quite god in combat

20 Glade guard = 240
20 Glade guard = 240
I like bows. And they are very good now i think. 20 of them in one place can kill plenty of ranks or some warmachines a turn. I considerd turning them into smaller units for more versitility, but i'm not sure.
10 Dryads = 120
For the branchwraith, and they are good at screening and churning up zombies (my most frequent opponent)

5 Treekin = 325
5 Treekin = 325
There rock hard. T5, armour and ward saves, S5 and loads of attacks. And, there immune to psychology and cause fear, which is nice. Combined with spells like re-growth, shield of thorns, and flesh to stone, they should keep ticking over for quite a while

Treeman = 285
He's just a beast. My old list did have 2, but now, one is all i can have. I march him up to a nearby unit, within 6", but out of 5" (god i love pre-measure :p). I strangle root, and wait for him to charge me. He then charges me and i stand and shoot, kill a few in combat, hopfully hold with my stubborn LD of 8, and then my treekin counter charge and liberate him. He is all the while being healed by the lifebloom ability of my mage, who is never far away.

Total = 1,999

So, whadya think? Any C+C is wanted.

EDIT; Apart from people saying WE are nurfed. Which i REALLY dont care about.

26-07-2010, 22:19
I think it looks really good :) although I prefer MSU glade guards.
How do you protect your weaver from shooting though?

26-07-2010, 22:29
Well, she has a ward save, and she moves pretty fast anyways. She can join any unit in the army with being a forest spirit and all, and the treekin are nigh on invincible. Also, i generally find that when i say she has lore of life, people ignore her because they only think she will buff stuff, but when she casts dweallers below and awakening wood in quick succession, people soon look at her in a differant light.

ps. whats msu. Is it musician, because thats a good idea. I just cant find the points though, and i wont be moving that much.

27-07-2010, 04:42
Msu = minimum size units. I also think glade guard are better in groups of 10. 20 is a target worth killing.

27-07-2010, 09:44
I was thinking that in units of 20 it would be harder to get vp from them. But smaller units would be more flexible.

Also, i've realised my lack of banners and a bsb. So i will put banners on the glade guard units and fit in a bsb. just basic banner with glamourweave and enchanted shield. So where should i drop the 180ish points. I was thinking dropping one units of glade guard and a treekin. Or should i drop the drayds and branchwraith?

28-07-2010, 23:58

Sorry for that, just a bit lacking in replies