View Full Version : Quik question for 8th- rulebook is being borrowed

27-07-2010, 00:46
How do mounted characters in units work now? Can they be targeted by range attacks next to non-mounted troops?

27-07-2010, 05:22
If u join a different troop type then yours u can be freely targeted by anything.

With that said, u are only allowed a "look out sir" if a same troop type is within 3" of u and has 5 models on a 4+.

you can join an infantry unit but be prepared to get sniped really fast and easy.

27-07-2010, 06:24
If your hero is of a different troop type, cannons and such can snipe your hero out of the unit, because they get no "look out sir" saving throw. Normal shooting on the other hand may hit your hero per the following rules:
If the unit has less then 5 normal models, or your hero is of another troop type, you must allocate each hit to a model. Each model of the unit has to get a hit before any modell is allocated a second hit. (Page 99, left column, 4th paragraph)
So if your mounted hero is part of a 10 men strong unit (+1 character, so 11 total), the unit has to suffer 11 hits from one (normal) source, before you have to allocate the 11th one on the hero.
Not to quick, is it?

27-07-2010, 06:51
That sucks. Looks like 7th ed was the only edition to not penalize for having a character on a mount in an infantry unit. I really liked the look of a big unit of infantry surrounding a mounted character. Guess I have to model some new BSBs.