View Full Version : "balance of Power" question for magic items

27-07-2010, 13:51
In the BRB on page 500 it says "A model can only ever choose one item from each category." (this is talking about magic weapons,magic armour, talismans, so on and so forth)
Does this rule apply to our army books as well? For instance if i take cupped hands of the old ones i can't take a power stone.

27-07-2010, 13:54
Indeed. *talks in a deep booming voice, because indeed alone was to short*

27-07-2010, 13:58
This was the same in 7th edition, except that Dispel Scrolls and Power stones were exempted.

They are no longer exempted from this rule, and take up your one arcane item slot per wizard. They're also unique now, just like all other magic items.